Ex On The Beach Season 2 Cast Announced; There Will Be A Mix Of Straight & Gay Contestants

The popular U.K. show Ex on the Beach made its United States debut in April 2018. It was everything I didn’t know I needed in a reality TV show. I got to see some of my favorite people from other reality TV shows under one roof. The contestants created endless drama. There were countless twists and turns. And to top it off everyone looks great in bathing suits.

Thankfully, Ex on the Beach will return for Season 2 a month from now. Just like the first season, this season’s cast members bring plenty of drama to the beach.

According to the MTV website, Ex On The Beach Season 2 debuts on December 20. Just like the first season and its United Kingdom predecessor, the contestants will get to intermingle and make new love connections and rekindle old flames. Every episode, some of their exes show up on the beach. Hence the title. Duh. Some of those exes get to stay in the house. Others get voted out.

A new element of Season 2 is that there will be a mix of gay and straight singles. It’s. About. Time. How is this not already the norm on reality TV dating shows? Thank you, MTV.

The show is divided into two groups. The singles are the initial cast members in the house. The exes are their exes, obviously. The singles will include Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham. Her most infamous ex Simon Saran will be one of the exes. Will they get back together? Or will they argue? Maybe they’ll both find new matches. It’s even possible that they will do all of the above. You never know with these two.

The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Famously Single alum Chad Johnson will be a single on the show. The man is no stranger to controversy and working out. If anyone is meant to fight shirtless on a beach, it is Chad Johnson.

Bad Girls Club alum Angela Babicz was on Season 1 of Ex on the Beach. She was the most interesting person to watch. By far. She always had something to say and I was living for it.

Of course they brought her back for round two. After that she appeared on MTV’s The Challenge. Last season, she got together with Tor’i Brooks. It seemed like they found love, but they broke up. Their relationship was explosive enough when they were together. Just imagine them post-breakup. Another Bad Girls club alum Janelle Shanks will be in the cast.

Big Brother and The Challenge cast member Jozea Flores is one of the singles this season. Morgan Willett from Big Brother: Over The Top is another single. The Big Brother alums are almost taking over this house. Corey Brooks is another single from the show. Monte Massongill will be there as an ex.

Fire Island cast member Cheyenne Parker will enter the Ex on the Beach house as a single. Maya Benberry won Travis Kelce’s heart on the short-lived series Catching Kelce. Will she find her true love during Ex on the Beach Season 2?

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The Challenge contestant Nicole Ramos is a single this season. Are You The One? contestant Malcolm Drummer is another cast member this season. The Challenge and Are You The One? cast member Nelson Thomas is one of the exes this season. AYTO alums Nurys Mateo and Diandra Delgado are exes as well.

Murray Swanby and Cory Zwierzynski from the short-lived series What Happens At The Abby are a part of this season’s exes. Survivor contestant Jay Starett will also come on as an ex.

Reality TV stars do not just date each other. Sometimes they do date civilians. Ironically enough, those people will be a part of Ex on the Beach this season. Now they are all reality TV alums. The other exes include JD Harmon, Sha Carrell, Darian Vandermark, Nate Sestok, Maddie Sullivan, Kareem Peterson, Perez Corothers, and Rob Tini.

[Photo Credit: MTV]