Is Jersey Shore Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Expecting Another Baby?

Does Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have another baby on the way. Wait…what? Yes, he’s still with the mother of his first child, on-again-off-again girlfriend Jen Harley.

After all that they’ve been through—the cheating, the social media drama, the police intervention—this is pretty surprising news. If it’s true. These two are sharing some pretty confusing social media posts.

Ronnie posted a photo  Jen’s with a baby bump on Instagram. He just captioned it with “Jen” and a pregnant woman emoji. No, he did not add a #tbt in there. Jen shared a pregnancy photo as well. So were those just photos of her first pregnancy with daughter Ariana?

Jen posted a photo on Instagram showing Ronnie kneeling in front of her growing baby bump. Ronnie posted a photo to his Instagram showing Jen in workout gear, baring her bump. According to an article from Celebuzz! “another baby would be a huge step for the Las Vegas residents, but it looks like the couple is finally taking the leap together!”

I can only imagine how Ronnie’s Jersey Shore pals would react to this news. Everyone seems to know that Ronnie and Jen do not have a healthy relationship (except for Ronnie and Jen.)

During a recent episode, the gang planned another getaway back to Seaside Heights. Ronnie did not make the trip because of new trouble in his volatile relationship. Jen was arrested and charged with domestic battery on June 24, after an argument which involved Jen dragging Ronnie with her car. Yikes! What is even more frightening is the fact that their baby, Ariana Sky, was in the car.

Ronnie’s Jersey Shore roomies are worried about Ronnie’s well-being. After an altercation involving the pair in Las Vegas, DJ Pauly D was not happy to learn that the couple had reconciled. “I can’t even believe he’s still talking to this woman. She’s toxic,” he told People.

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Later, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office found that there was “insufficient evidence” to prosecute her. After the incident, Ronnie Face Timed his roomies to reassure them that he was alright and called the whole event “an accident.” But Ronnie, whose arm was in a sling, wasn’t really doing well. Clearly.

The Jersey Shore crew seem baffled as to why Ronnie cannot give up this toxic relationship and do what is best for his young daughter. Just when it seems that Ronnie is walking away, he gets sucked back into this crazy relationship. His friends are confused. The fans are confused. But poor Ronnie must be the most confused as he continues to try and make this relationship work.

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Now we all need to wait and see if the couple is truly expecting, or just teasing the fans with baby bump photos from before Ariana was born. Come on, Ronnie and Jen- come clean already!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]