Married to Medicine Recap: Sleep Numbers Gone!

On this week’s episode of Married To Medicine, Gregory “Greg” Lunceford makes an appearance at guy’s night. He has some shocking things to say about his side of the divorce. Ironically, many of his claims differ from those made by his soon to be ex-wife Quad Webb-Lunceford. I can’t wait to see exactly whose side is the most believable. Forget the divorce, I have been giving the marriage the side eye for a while so this should be interesting.

Simone Whitmore hangs out with the family. They discuss what needs to happen when they move back into one house together after being separated for some time.  Her husband, Cecil Whitmore even volunteers to give Simone his closet and use one in another room. I’m glad they are finally moving back together. I never understood the concept of a North and a South house. It just seemed like a recipe to drift further and further apart. They both admit that since returning from the couple’s trip in Antigua (and Simone kicking Cecile’s bestie, Tammy to the curb) their marriage has been in a good place.

Heavenly Kimes goes to visit Quad in her new bachelorette pad. Quad feels like her separation from Greg has shown her who her real friends are, namely Heavenly has stepped up a friend. She feels like some of the people who she thought she was close to surprised her. She didn’t mention any names, but I think she is definitely hinting at Simone. Frankly, I don’t blame Simone for being turned off by Quad, she has always come across as over-dramatic and fake to me. I understand she is going through a divorce, but it is ironic you have time to talk to and see certain friends, but made excuses when Simone and others reached to check on you. While there, Heavenly even gives Quad some of her questionable relationship advice.

Simone goes to Jackie Walters’ house to help her with one of her couple’s therapy assignments. Her therapist, Dr. Ken, told Jackie to make her husband Curtis Berry, “king” for a day. Apparently, two people weren’t enough to cook a meal. Heavenly came over to help her out. Heavenly takes issue with the  ”king for the day” theme. She thinks wives should treat their husbands like a king every day. Sorry Heavenly, but not everyone wants to call their husband “daddy” and hide all of their issues.

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Toya Bush-Harris and Eugene Harris visit the construction site for their new home.  As they are touring the structure, Toya realizes that she may not get her dream two-story closet. She just about has a fit during the discussion, but in normal Eugene fashion, he tries to be practical and compromise so that his wife is happy. They may not have space for a wine cellar anymore, but at least Toya will have plenty of space for her ill-fitting clothes. Hopefully, Uncle Sam is paid (this time) and this will be their forever home.


Curtis comes home to a meal fit for a king and Jackie playing the role of his servant, in a fitted bodysuit. Jackie has figured out that she has to have a work/life balance in order to have a happy home. It definitely makes Curtis happy that Jackie is finally playing the Stepford wife and catering to him. Given the whole cheating scandal, I don’t know how king-like he truly is, but nonetheless, I am glad they are in a better place.

Heavenly goes to her therapy session (that looks like it’s being held in a funeral home). She revisits her childhood memories to get to the root of some of her issues. Heavenly realizes her anger towards Mariah Huq had nothing to do with her. Instead, it had everything to do with her unresolved issues with her sister. She decides it is time to actually talk to her like an adult and get to a place of forgiveness. Let’s just hope there are no “Yo mama” references and Mariah doesn’t break another glass on a chair.

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Simone and Cecil decide to host a “Mi casa es su casa” party for the group to reveal a surprise to everyone. The party is off to a good start, Mariah and Heavenly actually greet one another and smile without the veil of a threat. The surprise is revealed… Simone and Cecil are in one house and their marriage is on track. They have come a long way, just a year ago they were on the brink of a divorce.

Cecil is just happy that his wife is finally having sex with him. The men go down to the basement and are greeted by female bartenders in sparkly halter tops. Heavenly and Contessa Metcalfe go down to check on the men. Heavenly makes a scene and asks why “Daddy” has a front row seat at the bar with the bartenders. Subsequently, she and Contessa go back upstairs and inform the other women about is going on downstairs with their husbands.


Things take a turn for the worse, or for the usual, when an argument ensues. Toya announces that the couples trips should only be for couples. Quad, of course, takes offense, given her newly single status. She questions Toya’s proclamation and wonders who gave her the right to decide that. Quad lets everyone know she will be around for trips and everything else. She wants to learn from the other relationships. Meanwhile, the guys discuss feeling bad because Greg has been left out.

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The guys go out for a guy’s night at Top Golf. Unfortunately, Aydin Huq can’t make it to the gathering. Curtis says he is happy since he tells his wife, Mariah, everything. Hmmm… Curtis, maybe if you told your wife everything you wouldn’t have been involved with another woman and almost divorced. Greg shows up to join the fun. All the guys let him know that they’ve missed him. Greg reveals that he returned home to an empty house that Quad cleared out. He was extra hurt when he realized she even took his sleep number bed. Wow… Quad you are cold blooded… you didn’t leave the man a place to sleep.

The guys ask if they ever talked things out before it got to the point of a divorce. Greg says he only received a text telling him to check the mail. When he looked, he saw divorce papers. I can’t say I am surprised for seasons we watched the awkward interactions between the couple.


Honestly, Quad seemed like she hated Greg in many scenes. She claims it is a result of him cheating. I don’t know what to believe, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out she only married him to improve her financial and social standing in Atlanta. Nonetheless, two out of three marriages have been saved. You can’t win them all. I don’t care how many times she cries on cue and completes a dramatic monologue, Quad seems to be happier hosting “Sister Circle” and not having to endure Greg.


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