Mariah Huq Says Quad Is Projecting; Vivica A. Fox Wishes Kenya Moore Well With Her Baby

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15143 -- Pictured: Mariah Huq -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Last night’s Watch What Happens Live guests were Married to Medicine star Mariah Huq and actress (and sometimes nemesis of Kenya Moore) Vivica A. Fox.

After watching a clip of Toya Bush-Harris, Mariah was adamant that Toya is a tough girl, but she’s very sweet on the inside. “She truly is sweet once you get to know her.”

Andy then played Mariah the video of Quad Webb-Lunceford on WWHL last week, where she had a lot to say about Mariah – and none of it kind. Mariah’s reaction was “I think, right now, you don’t kick a person when they’re down. Quad is going through a nasty divorce and she’s projecting. She’s projecting about herself. I think it’s been very clear, I’ve been the same since day one: who I am, what I am. I do well because I’ve been myself and been authentic. Quad is just projecting.”

The next clip presented was the altercation between Mariah and Quad on last night’s episode. Mariah maintains, “I really was trying to be nice to Quad. I really, really was. My heart went out to her and it still does. I was trying to help her. I felt like she left her purse and I really was like being vulnerable and felt like she was in a position where she needed support.” Andy asked about where the miscommunication was, then. “I think you just can’t help some people. I think Quad is just in a place where she just is not going to receive anything. She wants to be in a place right now of isolation and she really wanted to be the victim if you ask me.”

Andy played a game with Vivica and based on some of her responses he blurted out that he so wished Vivica was a Real Housewife.

Andy asked Vivica what she thought about Kenya Moore shading her during the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale when they came to see the play. She sniped, “at least I still am acting 20 years later. And she was watching me, so…” Vivica then added, “I wish her well. I hope the baby and everything brings her happiness. She deserves that. I do wish her well. With that.”

Fans asked Mariah if she thinks she overreacted when she went to give Quad the purse. “Possibly. I may have overreacted. I think I felt like I have been so nice to Quad and I really was trying to help that I was thrown off at her response. So maybe I did overreact but I really truly didn’t mean any harm. I was trying to help.”

A caller asks Vivica who is the real “toxic trick” – Phaedra Parks or Kenya Moore. She says that she called Phaedra that name (after Phaedra posted a photo with 50 Cent with some shady behavior) because “she was behaving like one. I had just seen her in New York and I think the thing that bothered me the most is that I thought Phaedra and I were cool and so when I saw her do the text and the post..” She said then on top of it Phaedra was using her makeup artist while shading her. “I tried to get over it. I did.” But then she sent it to a friend for their opinion on whether or not the post was shady. After the incident got out, Phaedra tried to text her and Vivica said “I just thought that was so fake. I was like ‘bitch, really?'”

After playing a sneak peek from next week’s episode of Married to Medicine, Andy asked Mariah “Where are the receipts?” She replied, “Oh they’re available under lock and key. Although I know things about Heavenly and her family, I still go back to my integrity. I don’t want to break up a family. She has children. There’s been so many divorces with this group. I don’t want to be a part of that, but I feel like you have to go there with Heavenly for her to give it. You have to give her a dose of her medicine to understand how painful it is for her to carry a bone and for someone else to do the same.”

Why was Mariah so upset with Heavenly giving her the post. “Because I think she knew of alllll the pictures she could’ve given to me, she gave me one where I had a broke ankle, a cast on my foot, I was 20 pounds heavier and I knew Heavenly was just being messy. Heavenly was being Heavenly.”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo