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Porsha Williams Hopes To Make Up With Kandi Burruss; Dr. Jackie Walters Discusses Her Husband’s Affair

Porsha Williams and Dr Jackie Walters on WWHL

In all honesty, Porsha Williams has been reaching for a story line on the current Real Housewives of Atlanta season. She is always talking about becoming a vegan, her sister moved into her house because most of the other women wouldn’t talk to her, and she just doesn’t seem to understand why Kandi Burruss won’t forgive her for spreading rumors that Kandi wanted to drug and rape Porsha last season

In stark contrast, Dr. Jackie Walters is really going through some tough problems on Married to Medicine after she found out about her husband cheating on her, so they made for an interesting pairing as guests on the last Watch What Happens Live episode.

Host Andy Cohen wasted no time diving right in with the questions for Jackie: “What an emotional journey for you this season. Found out right at the top of the season that Curtis [Berry] had cheated on you. I know you filed for divorce. How soon did you file after finding out the news?” She shared, “On day three,” and Andy couldn’t help reacting with, “Really? Wow.”

Then Andy asked, “Who was most supportive in your friend group to you?” Jackie said, “All of the ladies had been very supportive. I can honestly say they’ve all met a need in some way. Obviously, I know Simone [Whitmore] well and Heavenly [Kimes] has become a great friend, so I’ve talked to them a lot.”

It felt so awkward watching Jackie answer such serious questions and then jumping into these bull shit questions about Porsha’s contrived story lines. Andy pointed out, “Tonight Kandi threw a little shade your way about the Africa trip” and he played a clip of Kandi and her squad talking shit about Porsha. During her on-camera interview, Kandi said, “You can’t go to Africa for your best friend’s wedding? Well, I’m sure if there was an African there waiting to hook up with your ass, you would get there.”

Porsha didn’t skip a beat and said, “I’m glad that they are so concerned about Porsha. Just put me in front of her scene because they’re ‘Porsha, Porsha, Porsha’ scenes.” She’s not wrong, but what Porsha did to Kandi last year was absolutely deplorable. Of course she’s going to talk shit about her whenever she can.

Andy asked Jackie about the gifts Curtis sent her after the cheating news came to light. She admitted, “Well, a girl always loves a gift, but help my heart, no. It was definitely helpful to know that he was trying something.”

And then the interview shifted back to Porsha with a viewer wanting to know if she “toked it up before Sheree’s [Whitfield] party.” Porsha said, “Well, yeah. I mean it’s a party. We pregamed. We were lit.” Obviously, Andy gave her a high five for that one, but he wanted to make future plans know more, asking, “Do you smoke it up a little bit?” Clearly, Porsha was confused since she said, “No. Wait. Did I answer the wrong question?” She later said, “No, I did not toke anything” and Andy rescinded his high five.

Moving back to the serious matters at hand, Andy asked Jackie, “Do you think the other husbands defend Curtis because they too have cheated?” She said, “That’s a good point. Let’s say yes.” She also said, “No. Absolutely not,” when she was asked if Curtis’ mistress actually believed he wasn’t married.

Andy asked Porsha is she thinks Kandi will forgive her for spreading those rumors last year. Porsha just said, “I hope so,” and seemed just as unapologetic as usual.

Surprisingly, Porsha actually had nice things to say about Kenya Moore and her surprise marriage to Marc Daly. She shared, “Yes, I have met her husband.” She also said, “At the beginning, I was like ‘I don’t know if this man exists.’ Toward the end, after seeing that she’s changed a bit, I just feel like she wanted to have a personal life and she just didn’t want to have it on the show. I didn’t think it was fair at first, but hey, it’s her choice. That’s what she ended up doing.”

And of course, Porsha was asked about her ex BFF Phaedra Parks. A viewer wanted to know, “When was the last time you talked to Phaedra? Do you ever think that she and Kandi will mend their issues?” Porsha said, “I’ve tried all season and hoped with Kandi, but it hasn’t happened, so I don’t know if that will happen with Phaedra and Kandi. I have talked to Phaedra. I texted her happy birthday and on my birthday she texted me as well. So we have had small communication.” Three episodes in and it doesn’t seem like Porsha “tried”at all, but maybe that happens later in the season?

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Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo