90 Day Fiance: Eric Rosenbrook’s Daughter Tasha Claims Leida Margaretha Leaked Her Medical Information & Forced Her To Sleep On The Floor

90 Day Fiance stars Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha have been very active on Instagram since this season premiered. Reality stars expect trolls on social media, but the comments kicked up a notch after the episode when Leida say Eric’s living space. They received a lot of hate and it’s not just about their messy apartment with its blow-up couch.

Fans responded negatively to Leida trying to kick Erica’s daughter Tasha Rosenbrook out of the apartment, giving her a mere day’s notice.  Eric defended his daughter, but just barely. Tasha has been very vocal on social media to share her side of the story.  And it seems like she is the breakout star for this season.

Eric, Leida, and Tasha have put out conflicting statements concerning the living arrangement and what the expectations were for the apartment when Leida arrived in the USA.  Eric claims he was very clear with his daughter about vacating the apartment to make room for his fiance Leida and her son Allessandro.

Reality TV enthusiast John Yates posted Eric’s statement to his Instagram.  Eric said, “when I moved in with Tasha in the apartment when her roommates bailed on her, the agreement was that she would be out by the time Leida got here.  She had 10 months to find a place.”

Tasha countered her father’s statement by defending her friends. She claimed, “My former roommates did not bail on me.  They were married with a kid and got a house.”  Tasha also claimed that her father wasn’t clear that he would be moving Leida into that apartment.

It always comes down to money with Leida.  She previously confronted Eric about his child support payments. During the last episode, she was belligerent to discover Eric helped Tasha with rent and bills when she was recovering from mono and had quit her job.

Tasha explained her side:  “I quit that first job because I found out that some of the managers were going to fire me later that week.  It was a full time job but that doesn’t mean I can afford a place by myself along with college and trying to purchase a car, health insurance etc.”

Commenters on the thread questioned Leida’s right to judge when she herself lived in her parents’ house in Indonesia.  Then, Leida jumped into the conversation to respond to her critics.

Leida stressed her self-sufficiency despite living in her parents’ house saying, “I paid my own apartment bills and management fee.  My parents want me and Allessandro to live with them to be close with them.  That doesn’t mean I never pay my own bills.”

Though Tasha ended up staying in the apartment (at least temporarily), she claimed Leida took her futon mattress away and forced her to sleep on the floor.

Apparently the feud between Leida and Tasha started when Leida was still overseas.  In an Instagram live stream, Tasha claimed that Leida  posted some of her private medical history on Facebook.

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Tasha said, “She thinks she had the right to post my medical history all over my Facebook.  This was before she moved here.  This was the first reason I started distrusting her.”  She reveals that Eric was complicit. Tasha alleged, “she asked my dad if it was okay (probably after I brought it up) and he said it was fine.”

In Touch reported that Leida’s Instagram account was temporarily suspended.  Maybe the heated exchanges between Eric, Leida and Tasha supporters are to blame. Or maybe she just deactivated her account to take a break from the drama. Yeah right…

It seems like Tasha is seriously considering legal action against Leida for online harassment.  In Touch covered the story about  Tasha’s live stream, which included a very direct message to her father’s fiancee.

Tasha declared, “If she does not stop this harassment, I will be taking it to the police and I will be pressing charges.  She is not a citizen yet.  And if she is causing problems in America, she’s going to get deported.”


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