Married to Medicine Episode Recap: Reunion Part 1

This week on Married to Medicine, all bets are off and the truces are over! Hopefully this reunion makes up for the boring finale episode. It’s time to rehash old beefs and give real shade. From the preview, this reunion isn’t going to hold anything back. Even Mariah Huq’s husband, Aydin Huq is threatening to bring receipts. So you know it’s about to get real!

I would be remiss if I didn’t first discuss the looks the girls were serving at the reunion. Quad Webb-Lunceford looked fit for a pageant in her royal blue ensemble. Toya Bush- Harris looked cute in a high ponytail and a flower embroidered sheer dress. Heavenly Kimes looked like she was just going out for drinks with the girls rather than a reunion. Jackie Walters slayed in her one shoulder gold dress and short wavy bob. Mariah had on a nice wine colored dress, but missed the mark with her make- up and hair. She looked like the lion from the Wizard of Oz with that big teased hair. Contessa Metcalfe… hmm, I didn’t like the dress.  There was A LOT going on with all of the ruffles, but her new boobs looked great in it. Simone Whitmore missed the mark as usual. Her high ponytail swallowed her head and I hated the flowered/water colored monstrosity she called a dress.


Simone discusses the state of her marriage and credits the reunion last year with saving it. If you remember the last reunion, all of the couples encouraged her and Cecil Whitmore to rethink their divorce. Many of the couples look up to them and their marriage, so it was hard to watch them on the verge of giving up. Simone admits she hasn’t had any communication with her husband’s ex-best friend Tammy, who she blames for many of their issues. She still misses living alone though. At the North house, she didn’t have to worry about cleaning up after anyone or someone eating her leftovers. I still don’t understand a grown woman complaining about living with her HUSBAND and KIDS. Smh… I understand wanting a break at times, but isn’t that why we drown our sorrows in wine and hang with friends?

Contessa’s health is put into the spotlight. This season we watched Contessa’s journey after having a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery to avoid the threat of cancer. Jackie was asked about was it the right move to try to get Contessa out of the house post- op. Thinking about it, Jackie felt like she was trying to make Contessa be her. When she had the surgery, she needed to get out very quickly in order to get back into her normal routine. Simone for some reason is triggered and starts screaming that Contessa wasn’t completely home bound, she was just trying to dodge the group. She felt like the story that Contessa gave about her dad being sick was a lie and it was only to avoid coming to Toya’s party. Now I’m definitely not Contessa’s biggest fan, but her dad was sick. Even if she didn’t come to the party just to spend time with her dad, who cares? Let’s be real, it’s not like she was really missed, come on.


Contessa is offended and feels like real friends wouldn’t question her motives. Andy asks the question of the day, was Simone drunk on the boat when she had a screaming fit. This sets Simone off and she claims she can’t get drunk in front of the group, because she doesn’t trust them. Umm… I and the camera crew beg to differ. Contessa and Simone go back and forth about who is fake. Personally, I wouldn’t call Simone fake, maybe a loud mouth, but not fake. I definitely see why people think Contessa is fake. She seems to like to throw rocks and hide her hands. They show a clip of Contessa telling her husband Toya hit her on purpose.  She then approaches the group and tries to hug and kiss everyone…seems pretty fake to me. To end the topic, Andy Cohen asks does Contessa have any regrets about staying away and she does not. I don’t either; she doesn’t really bring much to the show in my opinion.

The ladies talk about how they feel having their kids on the show. Despite all of the drama on the show, all of the women seem to have great relationships with their children. Throughout the season there are many heartwarming moments, where we get to see a softer side of the cast. I think this balances all of the constant drama.

Heavenly- at-reunion

Hellishly’s spiritual journey or lack thereof is brought up. Throughout the season we witnessed Heavenly confront some of her inner demons in therapy and on a trip to her childhood home. She reveals despite realizing she has unresolved issues with her sister, she hasn’t spoken to her since the show has aired. Mariah is asked about her reaction to being called a liar. She feels it is character assassination and is tired of hearing it. I guess the truce, is over because Heavenly doubles down on the comment.  We find out Mariah accused Heavenly’s deceased father of hitting on her mother when he was alive. Mariah reveals it wasn’t her father, but it was her husband, Damon Kimes. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF???  I highly doubt Damon hit on Ms. Lucy. But maybe he has a thing for strong women who throw shade, he did marry Heavenly.

Well I guess there is no break from the drama. Mariah and Heavenly’s beef throughout the season is revisited. We have witnessed everything from accusations of cheating, yo mama’s, glass breaking and a  fake truce. Mariah has been hurt by Heavenly continuously disrespecting her mother. Heavenly claims it’s a childhood joke to her and isn’t really personal. But her husband is a respected doctor and doesn’t deserve negative comments. Just stop with the bs, please!

Mariah-at reunion

Heavenly, you know it’s a low blow and fighting words to disrespect anyone’s mother. Mariah, you know that talking about someone’s husband when you have an issue with the wife is a low blow as well. Grow up and talk about each other.  There are plenty of things, they each could both bring up, without involving anyone else. Heavenly asks Mariah where are the receipts of her husband cheating. They camera then shows footage of Aydin saying “I got the file, I got this sh*t.” I just died and came back to life seeing that clip. Lol! This is a circus.

Quad then jumps in and states Mariah is a liar and has even accused her of sleeping with her sister’s husband. Mariah claims she went to her sister’s house and Quad was there and had on her brother in laws t-shirt and smelled like him.  There are insults thrown back and forth. Then Quad shockingly throws out that Mariah snorts coke. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa wait a hot minute! Things are getting real. Mariah says she has NEVER smoked a cigarette or hookah, let alone drugs. Okay, I don’t believe Mariah does drugs. If she did, Quad would have said that a long time ago since they have been feuding for years. I also don’t believe Quad slept with Mariah’s brother in law for the same reason. If she did, I would think her sister would have had a major issue with them being best friends. Especially since this supposedly happened before Quad was married. Just like my grandmother from the south used to say, something isn’t clean in the milk.


This reunion got ugly really quick towards the end. If this is the first part of the reunion, I can’t wait to see part two and three. I also want to see some of these invisible receipts. Things are going to get even more interesting when the husbands come on stage to defend their wives. Married to Medicine definitely redeemed itself from the lackluster finale episode.




[Photo Credit: Bravo]