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Ranking The ‘Most Memorable’ Seasons Of Survivor – Updated Through Season 40

The milestone Season 40 of SurvivorSurvivor: Winners at War, is now officially a thing of the past, having ended this past Wednesday night. So where does this most current season fit into my list of most memorable?


Top Survivor Winners Of All-Time – Updated Through Season 40

No season of Survivor would be complete if we didn’t compile the all-time list of winners each season…especially following a season full of all winners! With 40 seasons now in the rear-view, we just witnessed Tony Vlachos becoming the latest person to win Survivor and becoming the game’s second-ever TWO-TIME winner…but where does this specific season win sit on the all-time list?

All 38 people who won Survivor obviously did something right in their season to have won. So this ranking is based on three things, and it’s quite simple: How the person played the game – their particular winning season – according to Survivor’s moniker of “Outwit,” “Outplay,” “Outlast.” Read on in order to see the Top Survivor Winners of All-Time and where ultimately ranks.


Married To Medicine Recap: Reunion Part 3

Last night’s episode of Married to Medicine concluded with the third installment of the reunion. Mariah Huq expressed her frustration with the show’s editing. She feels like her family life is not really shown on the show. In her opinion, they aren’t respected because they are different. I guess it has nothing to do with her being painted as the villain for years. At least she got more camera time this year!

All of the couples join Andy Cohen  onstage.  Damon Kimes is on the hot seat about his actions in Cabo.  Aydin Huq and Mariah defend themselves. The ladies hash out old and new issues trying to come together as a group. Let’s get straight into the Married to Medicine recap!

Married To Medicine Recap: Reunion Part 2

Whew chile, if you thought part one of the Married to Medicine three part reunion series was full of drama, you haven’t seen part two. Things get hot in the kitchen when two ex-best friends finally go head to head. This is the moment many of us have been waiting for all season.

Things get crazy when Heavenly Kimes and Simone Whitmore go at it about past beefs.  The men also get a chance to express their views on this season. Sigh! I need a cocktail after watching all of this cray in one episode. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Married To Medicine Recap: Reunion Part 1

Last night’s episode of Married to Medicine featured part one the explosive three-part reunion. If you thought this season had its share of drama, the conclusion is no different. These ladies came to set the record straight on a variety of topics.

Jackie Walters gives Buffie Purselle the apology she deserved the entire season. Several Married to Medicine cast members clash and share more on the fallout of their friendships. There is also an exciting announcement revealed. Let’s get straight into the Married to Medicine recap!

Married to Medicine: Arabian Nights

Last night’s episode of Married to Medicine, a celebration of new beginnings turns into a bad ending. The drama was turned up several notches. Whatever peace we had in the last Married to Medicine episode completely was forgotten. I don’t know how some of these ladies will come back from this.

Jackie Walters and Curtis Berry begin their home renovations. Toya Bush-Harris‘s Arabian Nights housewarming party goes off the rails when Buffie Purselle breaks down. Jackie steps away from the ladies. Contessa Metcalfe and Mariah Huq have a showdown in Toya’s two-story closet. Let’s get straight into the Married to Medicine recap!

Married To Medicine Recap: Trouble in Spa-radise

Last night’s episode of Married to Medicine gave us all the drama we missed in Cabo.  I wonder when these ladies will just accept that most of them aren’t friends. I think the term “friend” is being thrown around too loosely. These ladies are more like frenemies than anything else.

Back from Cabo, Quad Webb-Lunceford celebrates being single with Cynthia Bailey. Toya Bush-Harris starts planning a big housewarming party. Scott Metcalfe and Contessa Metcalfe have a major breakthrough in therapy. Buffie Purselle throws a spa day to reconnect friendships. Let’s get straight into the Married to Medicine recap!

Married To Medicine Recap: Swap Till You Drop

During last night’s episode of Married to Medicine, the group concluded the Cabo trip. While everyone has fun in the sun, drama rears its ugly little head. Jackie and Buffie have another combative moment.

In Cabo San Lucas, the group participates in a wife swap on the beach! Heavenly Kimes  is still angry at Damon Kimes for going to the strip club. Contessa Metcalfe and Scott Metcalfe put on a brave face for the group, but their marriage issues are still apparent. Back in Atlanta, Quad Webb-Luncefords divorce proceedings are closer to the finish line. Let’s get straight into the Married to Medicine recap!