90 Day Fiance: Olga Koshimbetova’s Visa Approved; Steven Frend Starts GoFundMe For Childcare Expenses

90 Day Fiance stars Olga Koshimbetova and Steven Frend got some good news in time for Christmas!  On December 24th, Olga received word that her visa had been approved.  She now has six months to move to the USA with baby Richie before the visa expires.

When viewers of the show were first introduced to this young couple, Steven was traveling to Russia to see a then-pregnant Olga for the first time since their summer romance.  He claimed that he applied for the visa from America.  Therefore, Olga was under the impression that it was in process already. However, that was not the case.

Unfortunately, as the season went on, Steven began to display some concerning behavior.  He became jealous of Olga’s attention for her newborn. He even threatened to take the baby back to the US without her.  At one point, Steven admitted that he was more concerned with getting their son US citizenship.  He hadn’t applied for the fiancé visa until his trip to Russia.

Thankfully, Steven showed some humanity by leaving Richie with Olga.  However, the process of getting his fiancé and son to the States would have been delayed months until Olga’s visa was approved.

But finally, Monday was that day.  Steven described his elation on Instagram. He shared. “OLGA’S VISA APPROVED TODAY, DECEMBER 24th, 2018. No words can describe how happy I am. My birthday is the 26th so its the best birthday present for me.”

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As if the reality of supporting a family just set in, last week Steven created a GoFundMe titled StevenandOlga.  He described it as a fundraiser for child expenses.  Steven detailed his employment opportunity and plans for the future. But he was also very direct about asking for help.  The goal is set at $15,000.  So far, the fund has over $4,000.

Steven posted his story on the GoFundMe page. He shared, “Trying my hardest to get my life on the right track and I feel as if I’m doing a great job. But we face certain hardships; Olga will be unable to work for an extensive period of time, as for myself I just landed a job opportunity as a Fire Sprinkler Installer (Apprenticeship Program) the training is 4 years long.”

Then, the new dad explained, “Starting out at $16 an hour isn’t the best but in the long run it’ll do us okay.  After [an] apprenticeship, I’ll be making $30-$35 an hour and that’s good for the age of 24. But $16 an hour isn’t enough to support a family of 3 as well as taking care of home bills, gas, etc. I’m very nervous on how things will play out but I have faith God will take matters into his own hands.”

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Steven admitted, “I’m not asking for a lot, in a matter of fact I feel ashamed having to make this campaign but I must do what is best to support my family. Thank you for your consideration and have a happy holiday.”

Steven added an update clarifying that the funds would be used exclusively for the baby.  Also, Steven offered to create video messages for interested fans.  He wrote, “We made a mutual agreement and to ensure you guys are donating for a good cause we are going to open a second account in my bank and put all of this money in the bank for Richie and everything he needs. We will not be spending this on our personal selves! We appreciate every single one of you who are helping give our family a small head start! If you would like a personalized video from us both or only one of us just make an attempt to contact us.”


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