Tyler Rowland

Below Deck Cast Shares First Impressions Of Tyler Rowland; Tyler Felt “Hunted” By Rhylee Gerber

It’s a tale of two new crew members on Below DeckLaura Betancourt has been underperforming and getting on her boss Kate Chastain’s last nerve.

The other newbie, Tyler Rowland, has fit in with the deck team perfectly.  He’s got Bosun Ross Inia and even Captain Lee Rosbach singing his praises.

The Below Deck After Show this week featured the crew’s first impressions of Tyler. Of course, they discussed Tyler’s hookup with fellow deckhand Rhylee Gerber. Tyler has been a drama-free breath of fresh air.  So far, he hasn’t got off on a bad foot with anyone. As an added bonus he even charmed the pants off Rhylee (literally).

Speaking of pants, Second Stew Josiah Carter revealed that he liked Tyler’s “fashionably homeless” style and he wanted to nab some of Tyler’s gear.  Josiah said, “he’s got these pair of jean shorts that he wears. I did try to steal them. I did like them.”

Kate also noticed a shabby look about the junior deckhand.  She said, “Tyler is really cool and funny also. And so he pulls off this, where someone might look homeless, he looks cool.  I know Tyler.  I don’t know him but I know him.  He is that surfer, drifter.”

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But the real story here is the hookup between Tyler and Rhylee.  Tyler described meeting Rhylee for the first time.  He said she was, “Super up front. That’s pretty much it. I was like holy shit, she’s a handful. And I could tell she was really excited to have somebody to tell what to do. And like, that was me and I accepted it.”

So how did it go from meeting in the crew mess to bunk bed intimacies?  Tyler said he felt “hunted” by Rhylee.  He elaborated, “I could definitely tell Rhylee was just gonna trap me into something.  Like after the first charter, I remember we were having beers on the sun deck and she touched my leg. I’m like it’s over. She made the first move.”

Rhylee certainly made her intentions known. She confessed,”I held off as long as I could. Which was clearly only one night. I’m just going to say, I wanted to have sex with Tyler. That being said, can other certain things be factored into that. Like yeah, I’m being treated like shit from here on out.  Maybe something more, tell me I’m pretty and not yell me and not dismiss me. Maybe that came into play.”

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That sounded like Laura rationalizing her romantic encounter with Ashton Pienaar in the crow’s nest.

Tyler is Team Laura.  Which is surprising given the contrast between the energy each person brought to the boat.  He felt that Kate was aggressive towards Laura and didn’t utilize her to her full potential. In comparison, Tyler’s approach was “just tell me what to do.”

That seemed to work well for Tyler both professionally, and personally with Rhylee.  For now.  The show teasers hint at some upcoming friction between the two lovebirds.


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