Below Deck Star Kate Chastain Says Ross Inia Tried To Kiss Her; Ross Downplays Hookup With Rhylee Gerber

On this week’s Below Deck, it seems as if the arrival of the new third stew Laura Betancourt started a sexual awaking of sorts onboard My Seanna.  As if she brought a Canadian jet stream with her down to Tahiti.

The kind of cool and crisp air that makes a person look up from their work and say, “Hey, you’re attractive.” That, or if you give a group of people enough time to drink heavily, something is bound to take root.  A far more likely scenario, but less poetic. If we discount the antics of Ashton Pienaar, and the brief affair of Chandler Brooks and Caroline Bedol sharing a bowl of ice cream, this season has been void of any romance.  Now all of a sudden, we have Ashton and Adrian Martin vying for the affections of the brunette third stew and a brief hookup between Bosun Ross Inia and his polarizing deckhand Rhylee Gerber.

On an episode of the Below Deck After Show, Kate Chastain claimed Ross also tried to kiss her in the galley after an episode of heavy drinking. Yes, you read that correctly.  And if you’re having trouble recalling a moment on the show where Ross showed any interest in Kate, I urge you to take a moment to watch the Below Deck After Show. That boy lights up and gets a fit of the giggles when Ashton calls him out on it.

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In a separate interview, Kate admitted she was flattered but that Ross is not at all her type. She remarked, “I’m not into Ross. He’s not edgy enough for me. He’s too nice. I like assholes.”  Kate downplayed the incident, “when Ross gets really drunk, he just loves everybody…..with his tongue.” That does explain what went on in Rhylee’s cabin last episode.

We watched Ross struggle to come to terms with the hookup at the light of day. He’s still getting grief for it from Ashton.  Ashton said Ross kept trying to downplay what happened. Asheton claimed, “He explained to me that it was a hoongie. And apparently, a hoonige is when you bring your nose close to somebody else’s nose, like how animals kind of rub noses together.” Well, then.

When Rhylee was asked if she was into the kiss with Ross, she gave a priceless answer, “I’m more into the fact that these f*ckers are coming to me every time they get drunk, trying to kiss me and make out with me, when they clearly don’t like me.  I mean, they’re idiots.”  And Rhylee is very self-aware.

Clearly, Ashton has moved on from making drunken moves on Rhylee.  He had his game plan set up at the idea of a new female on board.  Ashton listed why the ladies on board weren’t doing it for him, “Kate was like a big sister; Caroline, not my cup of tea; Rhylee, irritated the shit out of me.”

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Adrian was just as enthusiastic about the new stew addition.  Ross gave an analogy for the competition between his two crewmates, “Look at Adrian and look at Ashton, vast difference?  It’s a bit like (comparing) fishing and yachting.”  A little dig at Rhylee too? We all know how much she loves fishing.

Viewers saw Adrian make a lot of passive aggressive comments towards Ashton and his way with the ladies.  Ross clarified for the world the meaning of “octosnake,”  “It’s like an octopus with arms and it’s trying to get every chick.”

Ashton has no problem with the very appropriate nickname.  He said, “If you can’t keep your girl interested in what’s in front of her, that’s not my fault.”

Laura definitely livened the atmosphere on the boat.  And it was only her first episode.  Let’s see if that lasts!


[Photo Credit- Bravo]