Laura Betancourt

Below Deck Cast Member Laura Betancourt Defends Herself; Gets Backup From Tyler Rowland

Canadian import Laura Betancourt has been having trouble settling into her Third Stew role on Below Deck.  She seemed unable to properly clean the guest cabins on multiple occasions. Then, she quelled her defensive feelings against Kate Chastain by canoodling with Ashton Pienaar.

Laura explained her perspective on the Below Deck After Show.  And she got some backup from the other new crew member, Tyler Rowland.

Here’s what Laura had to say about the turndown incident, “I’m doing these turndowns and I wasn’t even done.  And she comes in, it was so aggressive.  It was mean, it was belittling, and it was embarrassing.”

The best way to not be embarrassed in this situation is to do your job properly.  Here’s a comparative metric.  According to Kate, “even Caroline Bedol knew how to do a turndown.”

Kate offered her description of a turndown, “it’s like Bed Bath and Beyond.  You do the bed, the bathroom, and a little extra.”

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Despite that vague analogy, it really should be a common sense thing.  Kate questioned Laura’s life experiences. She asked, “Has Laura never stayed in a hotel?  They had no toilet paper.  If you were at a Motel 6, and you had no toilet paper, I’d be like, I want a discount.  So I don’t think on a 185-foot mega yacht you should have no toilet paper. When you have a person named Laura from Canada just for that job.”

Laura responded, “Listen, I’ve been working hard.  Recognize that, please.  I’m up at 6 every day.  I don’t go to bed until 10.  As a boss, it would have been nice for her to recognize how hard I’ve been working.”

Surprisingly, given his own work ethic, Tyler was Team Laura.  He opined, “I don’t think they were utilizing you to your full potential. And I don’t think they were utilizing your talents and appreciating your background.”

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Seriously, nobody needed to utilize Laura to her full potential.  The boat already had Kate, and trained butler extraordinaire Josiah Carter.  Essentially, Laura was needed to do laundry, and not leave filthy towels in the cabins. She was hired as a Third Stew. That’s what the job required.

Giving credit where credit is due is fine, but that doesn’t justify ignoring mistakes.  And that’s the magic formula for Below Deck.  You’ve got to hold people accountable for their sloppy work.  They will sulk first. Then, they seek reassurance and acceptance from a romantic partner.  Then fireworks.

Laura got a little pick me up from Ashton.  How does Laura explain going from “that’s never going to happen” to a night together on the crow’s nest?  She said, “I definitely connected with him on a few levels.  He did, though, catch me at a very vulnerable moment.  After Kate yelled at me, I was crying and that’s where we first kissed.  I was able to confide in him and that’s what opened that gate.”

That’s the winning combination for reality TV.


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