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Captain Lee Rosbach Says Rhylee Gerber Has Issues With Authority; Questions Laura Betancourt’s Constant Complaints

Captain Lee Rosbach structures his blogs as a critique of each Below Deck crew member.  He addresses each person directly and gives them a paragraph worth of wisdom.  The length depends on how off that person is from Captain Lee’s expectations of an ideal employee.

On this week’s blog, Captain Lee FORGOT TO INCLUDE JOSIAH CARTER!!!  All that sweet boy got was a passing mention in Kate Chastain’s paragraph.  It’s as if he is just becoming an extension of Kate. Perhaps in reality TV land Josiah has done everything wrong. He’s perfectly trained, refined, focused, and non-combative. He only gossips in with Kate in her lair.  I say Josiah deserves his OWN paragraph!

Let’s start with the good this week.  Captain Lee had only compliments for Kate, but also foresees future problems with third stew Laura Betancourt.  He agrees with his Chief Stew on her assessment of Laura. He remarked, “You are correct, she doesn’t know enough about this yacht to be spouting off so early in her tenure with us.  I hope this works out, but right now I’m not overly optimistic.”

New addition Tyler Rowland has had a completely opposite effect on his team.  He is hard working and has seamlessly fit in with the rest of the deck crew.  Captain Lee presented his stellar critique of Tyler saying, “You are as steady as the day is long.  Took instruction well, did what was asked of you without complaints or drama.  I feel confident that you will show steady improvement and continue to be an asset.”

Ashton Pienaar was off his feet for the rest of the episode after the accident but Captain Lee wanted to share how happy he was to have him safe and back on board recovering.

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Chef Adrian Martin stirred up the contempt of one of the charter guests by serving chicken for dinner.  His cooking and presentation were top notch as always. It was just an unfortunate bit of snobbery that created the situation.

Captain Lee only addressed it to give Adrian some marketing advice, “Maybe you should have called it something more exotic instead of chicken and they would have been impressed.  Not sure but you seemed to have recovered from it nicely.”  Perhaps calling it an indigenous fowl would have done the trick.

Ross Inia needed some constructive criticism from Captain Lee.  Dealing with Rhylee Gerber is no easy feat.  She does exploit weaknesses quite well.  Captain Lee advised, “You didn’t fully explain exactly that you didn’t want her on the swim platform at all, not just around the tow lines, even though she should have come to that conclusion on her own.  She should know better and was just jerking you chain.”  In a nutshell, “you need to calm down before speaking with her because she is a master at pushing buttons.”  Chances are, if you were calm before speaking to Rhylee, you don’t be calm by the end of it.

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Captain Lee called out Rhylee’s attitude towards Ross. He wrote, “You didn’t seem to have any issues with Ross before he became Bosun, so am I to conclude that you only have issues with authority figures.”  You are so talented but so confrontational all at the same time.  Your arrogance is appalling.”  Perhaps the relief we saw in former Bosun Chandler Brooks’ eyes was the realization that he would never have to deal with Rhylee again.

Captain Lee continues with some encouraging words for Rhylee. He added, “You need to figure out that the world is not your enemy, everything said to you isn’t an insult or sexist, but will seem that way if your attitude doesn’t improve.  I really hope you come around, I hate to see someone with your talent and ability not utilize it to the fullest.”

Third stew Laura really hit a nerve with Captain Lee for questioning the running of the boat.  Needless to say, Laura got a really long paragraph.  The first issue was her insinuating that Ashton’s accident was negligence on the part of the boat.  Captain Lee wrote, “You said while in Ashton’s quarters that there were a lot of corners being cut around here on this boat, like it had something to do with his accident.  Ashton’s injury and near death experience was self-inflicted and he knows and acknowledges that.  So where do you get off passing judgment after being on board two days?”

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Ironically after all her commentary, Laura’s performance left much to be desired.  Captain Lee was unimpressed. He said, “This coming from someone who doesn’t even give the guests water at night when she does the turn downs.  Drops and breaks 7 champagne flutes because she shut the cabinet door on the napkin. But blames it on someone not ironing the napkin.  Doesn’t do the second bed, because she’s not sure anyone is sleeping in it, or leave soiled towels on the floor in the same stateroom.  And then you have the unmitigated gall to utter the comment “the bar isn’t set too high on this boat.”

He continued, “I see talent going unused, and a rhetoric that I hope gets dialed back before I need to get involved.”

From what we see on the teaser clips, Laura dials nothing back. She even gives Captain Lee an ultimatum.

Cheers to another upcoming episode!


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