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Captain Lee Rosbach Questions Ashton Pienaar’s Advice for Laura Betancourt; Tells Her She Has No Right To Criticize

It’s that time of the week again!  The great anticipation of watching the next episode of Below Deck is upon us!  And we have the opportunity to rehash all the recent crew drama thanks to Captain Lee Rosbach and his insightful blogs.

It seems like Captain Lee is trying to redeem himself for skipping over Josiah Carter last week.  He’s up first this time.  And though Josiah did for once, stir up a bit of drama involving Third Stew Laura Betancourt, he also nipped any resentment in the bud by owning his faults.

Captain Lee wrote, “Not to say that he doesn’t make mistakes, but at least when he makes one, he steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for it. For example, when he overheard our resident critic Laura making a statement about how she felt that Kate Chastain and Josiah didn’t like her, he went back and made mention of it to Kate, who promptly confronted Laura about it. So when Laura mentioned it to Josiah, he immediately did not deflect, shift blame, didn’t make excuses, he simply said that it was his fault for the ensuing situation. That my friends, is called character.”

Moving up the interior chain of command, Chief Stew Kate is again at the mercy of an inept Third Stew.  Kate had to fix turndowns not once, but twice.  Laura had been reduced to hysterics because her boss found her work lacking.

Captain Lee sympathized with Kate’s frustration. He wrote, “Kate, I thought you had a good week as well. You are still going back and doing the work that you thought was being done but turns out wasn’t being done properly and you have every right to be disappointed.  It’s like I said, if I have to do your work, or babysit you, why do I need you. We all know how I feel about ultimatums, but in this instance coming off another 3rd stew debacle, it’s going to take some thought.”

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Is Laura going to get a ticket home?  She really put herself in a vulnerable situation.   Surely it was done on purpose?  How could anyone go through life demanding their boss not check their work?

Captain Lee had some choice words for Laura. He explained, “You are a 3rd stew. You do not get the right to criticize at all. Do your assigned jobs and tasks, and head down and mouth shut. No one cares how it was done on your last boat.  And until you prove that you deserved that title you once held, you are a third stew, nothing more and nothing less.  Until you get more stripes, keep your thoughts to yourself, especially when you are talking behind the backs of your superiors and the boat that you currently work on in a derogatory fashion.  If Kate didn’t check your work, you would have embarrassed the whole staff with your shoddy work and attitude.”

Captain Lee tried to end with some encouragement for Laura. He advised, “You want respect, get it the old-fashioned way, you earn it. You’re a good person; don’t get in your own way by trying so hard to prove it.”

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Laura charmed both Ashton Pienaar and Chef Adrian MartinCaptain Lee dished out advice to both contenders.  He called out Ashton for coddling and enabling Laura with his self-serving advice. He said, ” I do think that when you had your conversation with Laura, not sure you did her any favors by giving her the advice you did. She was begging to be put in her place, and was just using you to help verify her position and gain an ally with her condescending remarks.  If she found it so distasteful, and so far beneath her, why not just leave? I think you may have been thinking with the wrong head.”

To Adrian, Captain Lee advised proceeding with consideration.  He wrote, ” I do agree that you are getting mixed signals from Laura, but that one you need to work out on your own. That is definitely not my circus nor my monkeys.”  As always, the chef got praise for stellar work.

Tyler Rowland has been an asset to the deck crew.  Not only does the man work hard, but he creates a healthier work environment for all by softening some of Rhylee Gerber’s edges.  At least temporarily.  Captain Lee said as much in his blog.  He wrote, “Glad to see someone come on board and not think they are God’s gift to the charter world. You consistently are working, doing your job, not complaining, getting on well with everyone, and might I say, some better than others obviously.  You compliment the deck crew well.”

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Rhylee clearly hasn’t learned anything all season.  Her behavior hasn’t evolved much from episode one to now.  In all honesty, she’s just gotten worse. It seems Captain Lee is repeating himself a lot. He admitted, “Never have I seen someone with so much potential shoot themselves in the foot so frequently. Don’t you think that it is just as easy when someone interrupts you to say, excuse me, but might I finish what I was saying, rather than saying shut the f*%k up I’m talking, GOT IT.”

He continued, “No one wants to work around someone where they constantly have to walk on eggs because they are afraid you will go off on them. Give people a chance to like you and respect you for you and what you can do, and how you treat others, not because you want to portray the badass all the time. The person I think you are isn’t the person I see going off on everyone all the time.”

Finally, there is Bosun Ross Inia.  Ross landed the unsavory job of having to manage Rhylee. He is the recipient of her wrath most of the time.  Captain Lee praised him for dealing with his difficult deckhand.

He remarked, “Wow, Ross, who would have thought that you could get into so much trouble just taking a leak and talking a wee bit of smack with your mate’s? Was proud of the way you dealt with it the next day though. Worked it out properly when everyone was sober and was thinking with a clear head. I thought you had a good week this week and am proud of the job you are doing as bosun.”

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Captain Lee is spot on, as usual.  Let’s see how Kate’s ultimatum plays out next.  Perhaps My Seanna will be down a third stew again.


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