Kate Chastain & Laura Betancourt Reflect On Moment That Turned Their Relationship Around On Below Deck

Laura Betancourt seemed to be going down a road many third stews on Below Deck have traveled.  Mix together the inability to properly clean a room on a luxury yacht, a generous helping of ego, and a whole lot of attitude and it could have easily ended with a flight ticket home.  Laura seemed very aware of that.  After she was called out by Captain Lee Rosbach, that is.

Perhaps it was a realization that despite being on a reality show, My Seanna is still fully functioning yacht in operation. Captain Lee could really terminate her employment.  Maybe Laura added a bit of introspection to her morning yoga routine.  Whatever the reason, by the end of the week’s episode, Laura finally found common ground with Chief Stew Kate Chastain.

With these two, it seems like they just got started on the wrong foot, though Kate’s first impressions of Laura were spot on.  During an episode of the Below Deck After Show, Kate said, “I could tell that Laura was an overly confident person. And I could tell that Laura was an over expressive person. And I could tell that Laura was a not overly respectful person. So yeah I saw it coming.”

Laura had difficulty understanding Kate’s dry humor.  Kate explained her typical demeanor, “If I’m being nice to you I probably hate you.  My default setting is sarcastic because I’m just assuming we’re all here to do the same job.  Let’s make it fun and funny.”

But finally, there was that pivotal moment where Kate told Laura to “checklist yourself.”  It was her litmus test and olive branch all in one.  Kate said, “There was a very pregnant pause of where everybody’s gathered around like this could go either way. It’s like you throw a coin in the air, is it going to be heads or tails. I didn’t care either way. But I was so relieved when she responded with laughter.  The fact that I could make that joke and she received it well was like yay you’re here with us now.  Welcome to the club.”

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Laura also felt a shift in their relationship.  She said, “I think we started respecting each other after that. I think that we put aside the initial impressions that we had of one another, which were false. and we actually got to know each other at that stage. and we built a repertoire between one another and we built a relationship. She’s a cool chic.”

Kate revealed that the two have become friends, “I love Laura now. I knew I would like her. Its like I wanted to tell her. There’s no way I could say this to her that she would have received it well. You don’t have to try hard. We’re not enemies. I think you’re cool. I just need you to do the work. And that’s it. She needed to be knocked down a couple of pegs.”

Despite making amends, Laura still feels perfectly validated with what she said to Kate in that argument.  When asked to clarify her meaning, she offered this explanation, “sometimes we have to check ourselves.  Everybody has to check themselves.  In their position, in what they’re doing.  I don’t care who you are, you know what, sometimes you lose track of reality and you’re too much in your head and your ego and you need someone to tell you that exact thing.”

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Captain Lee is the one exception.  No one tells Captain Lee to check himself.


[Photo Credit- Bravo]