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Below Deck: Captain Lee On Rhylee Gerber- “That Girl Is Going To Be The Death Of Me”

Reading Captain Lee Rosbach‘s blog is a weekly reminder that he really doesn’t know what was happening onboard My Seanna during filming.  Like the rest of us Below Deck fans, he’s had to keep up with the episodes to view all of the good, the bad, and the ugly behaviors of his crew.

In this week’s blog, Captain Lee reacted to the outbursts of junior deckhand Rhylee Gerber and Third Stew Laura Betancourt. For one suspenseful moment during the last Below Deck episode, it seemed possible that Laura could potentially upstage Rhylee’s insubordination.  But Rhylee still holds the title of most disgruntled employee.  At least Laura wizened  up enough to make nice with her boss, Chief Stew Kate Chastain.

In his blog post,Captain Lee had a lot to say to Rhylee, “This girl is going to be the death of me.  What I am seeing as opposed to what I thought was happening could not be more different.  What are you thinking when you talk to your boss and say STFU while I’m speaking?  You were so far out of your lane it’s unbelievable.”

Rhylee claimed that she is held back because she is a woman.  Captain Lee pointed out that Rhylee did have a chance to take on new tasks but wasn’t assertive enough to take advantage.  He recalled Ross Inia offering Rhylee and Tyler Rowland a chance to drop the anchor. Captain Lee explained, “Ross tossed it out there and said to you and Tyler, has anyone had experience dropping anchor? And you were mute. Tyler stepped in and said no but he would like to learn. You didn’t say a word then dumped on Ross later. Bad move. If you wanted some time on the anchor, then that was the time to speak up.”

Captain Lee gave Bosun Ross tremendous credit for his management style.  Especially when it came to dealing with Rhylee.  He wrote, “I understand your frustration with Rhylee, and also that she is a good worker and an asset if she could get out of her own way. I am glad that you are dealing with your dept. on your own. I am your safety line, not your babysitter.”

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The remaining deck crew, Ashton Pienaar and Tyler, got great feedback on their work hard, play hard attitude.  To Tyler, Captain Lee wrote, “You have done a good job on board.  It’s a pleasure to work with you.  You and Rhylee seemed to have found common ground; I think that is good for both of you.”

Captain Lee then marveled at Ashton’s ever-present good humor, “Who has more fun than you? Not sure if anyone does. I love your attitude. I’m not going to get into how I think you could have handled your night out better because I think you already know. So keep up the good work, and steady as you go with the proper attitude. Well done.”

Josiah Carter is another steadfast crew member that Captain Lee has continuous good words for.  In Captain’s Lee blogs, less is more.  For the Second Stew he wrote, “You are just steady and constant, as I have come to expect you to be.  Handled yourself with class, culture, and dignity as usual.”

Chef Adrian Martin always gets praise where it is due, in the galley.  But Captain Lee questioned his motive for telling Laura about Ashton’s partying style. He opined, “I personally thought that you did not do the best for Laura by putting negative thoughts in her head by talking about Ashton’s past escapades. I did think it was your place in doing that. Their relationship was not of the serious nature that called for that input.”

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The other conflict onboard that had all of Captain Lee’s attention occurred between Laura and Kate.  It’s no surprise that he supported Kate, though she came dangerously close to giving him an ultimatum.  Since Captain Lee doesn’t do ultimatums, he did thank her for compromising, “I thought you dealt with Laura in a calm fashion.  More so than I would have had she talked to me the way she spoke to you.  I was glad that you didn’t give me an ultimatum.  I was genuinely glad that you talked with me about options.”

And finally, there was a lot advice for Laura.  Captain Lee points out that there was no “honeymoon period” with Laura at all.  He also faults Laura for causing tension by not being able to deliver on the expectations she set.  Captain Lee said, “She purported herself to be self-sufficient and not in need of direction. I have to say when you confronted Kate about her checking your work, the only thing humiliating you was yourself. You came off looking incompetent and petty. You threw your stew’s cred out there as impeccable and came up short.”

Laura did get some credit for owning up to her mistakes, “When we had our discussion on the bridge, you owned up and told me that you were going to get it done properly.  And thru the rest of the charter, I thought you acquitted yourself nicely.  I would love to see that continue as I do think you could be a huge asset, especially in the closing charters.”

If only us fans could see Rhylee taking some feedback and changing for the better.  Fingers crossed.

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