Rhylee Gerber & Tyler Rowland Date

Below Deck: Tyler Rowland & Rhylee Gerber Reflect On “The Most Awkward Date”

Rhylee Gerber and Tyler Rowland as a couple make for uncomfortable TV.  If they’re not getting intimate without any regard for the camera in their room, they’re bringing Below Deck viewers along on their cringeworthy date.

Not only was it an awkward date, but a lazy one at best.  Considering their shared outdoor interests, Tyler could have surely planned some activity.  You’re in Tahiti after all!

Rhylee was just as underwhelmed about the whole arrangement.  On the Below Deck After Show, she said, “I thought a more appropriate date would be something didn’t involve dinner and drinks.  I thought it would be something that could be fun.  We talked about doing a hike or a waterfall.  Then it went to dinner.  Then dinner really went to a drink date.  He didn’t take me on a date to get to know me.  It was just, let’s just drink.  Drink, drink, drink.”

Tyler insisted that he had honest intentions to see if any of their other parts fit together too.  He said, “My goal was just to get to know her as a person.  I realized I was super attracted to her.  But I didn’t know Rhylee.  I didn’t know who she was.  We just hung out and worked together, and then had fun in the cabin.  On the date, I wanted to really get to know her.”

So Tyler banned any discussion of the boat or co-workers.  No pressure.  That’s when Tyler realized sexual chemistry does not equate to a stimulating conversation. Tyler explained, “We had nothing to talk about.  It was crickets.  It was the most awkward date I’ve ever been on in my entire life.  We really don’t have much in common.”

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As soon as Tyler heard the words “long-distance,” his whole demeanor changed.  He described the ideal hookup, “This is kind of like summer camp.  I was already accepting the fact that we’re done. And I didn’t ever even think past the charter season. And she’s thinking past.  I instantly thought about my future and how I didn’t think that Rhylee would be part of it.”

Tyler admitted that Rhylee wasn’t his type.  He scanned back on his relationship history and said, “Nobody has been like Rhylee.”

Rhylee tried to save face in the interview by downplaying her feelings.  She said, “I wasn’t sitting there writing in a diary, Mrs. Tyler Rowland.  I wasn’t planning a future with him.  Other than the fact that I liked him, I thought we had the same interests.  I thought it could lead to something more.”

The only possible explanation for the date is that Tyler wanted to gauge whether Rhylee could just keep it a physical relationship and match his lifestyle.  The kind of meandering way he must just show up in one locale or another and fit parts with someone equally as laid back.  Clearly, she wants and deserves something better.

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