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Captain Lee Rosbach Sees “Dark Clouds On The Horizon” For Tyler Rowland & Rhylee Gerber

With the crew of Below Deck operating at about the least amount of dysfunction that we’ve seen yet this season. Captain Lee Rosbach devoted more of his blog to relationship and life advice.  So he had less to say to Kate Chastain, Josiah Carter, and Ross Inia this week.  This trio keeps it professional on the boat for sure.

Captain Lee praised Kate for managing her crew so well.  He wrote, “Your interior team seems to be running on all cylinders so kudos to you. Everyone seems to be getting on well and pulling together. I’m loving it.”

Just like us fans, Captain Lee felt bad about Josiah’s self-consciousness in the speedo.  But he also appreciated the initiative, “like the consummate professional you are you dealt with it with class and you overcame it. Great job.  That outfit you wore was over and above the line of duty.  Way to take one for the team and bail out the situation.”

Ross clearly remembered the last time a charter guest went rogue with a jet ski.  Despite Chandler Brooks being bosun at the time, Ross made sure the guests were properly briefed on safety this time.  This did not go unnoticed by Captain Lee.  He wrote, “it was refreshing to see someone own the past mistakes, take responsibility, and try to move forward and do better in the future. You gave the guests specific instructions on the proper way to operate the get skis, which they totally ignored. Might be time for me to have a come to Jesus meeting with these guests.”

Laura Betancourt had a great professional turnaround.  Captain Lee pointed that out while still encouraging her to take responsibility for her previous actions.  He opined, “‘you really turned things around.  I hope you realize that it was you changing that prompted the change in the way you got treated.  You deserve an atta girl.”

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Captain Lee also suggested Laura take a less passive approach to Chef Adrian Martin’s questionable comments, “I do see that you are not appreciative of Adrian’s sense of humor.  Not sure that I care for it either, but perhaps you should say something earlier than later.  It clearly makes you uncomfortable.”

Since Laura came aboard, fans have witnessed that Adrian’s brilliance in the galley does not extend to flirtatious one-liners.  He has been making roommate Laura uncomfortable to say the least.  Captain Lee assessed the situation, “you had a hard week, and you dealt with it well. Your food was outstanding and you behaved well under not so nice conditions where the guests kept moving the goal posts. You dealt with it, which is what I have come to expect from you. Keep doing what you’re doing in the galley, it’s working. Not sure that Laura is appreciating your sense of humor. Might want to think about it.”

While Adrian’s romantic advances have been falling short, Ashton Pienaar quickly redeemed himself to LauraCaptain Lee questioned the purpose of drinking to the point of oblivion, then have to do damage control the following day, “I just want to know why you think that going out to a party and then get so whacked you don’t know if you had a good time or not is fun. I think you will catch on to that though. Keep doing the good job you are doing.”

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Captain Lee finished off with some advice for Rhylee Gerber and Tyler Rowland.  The advice may be unsolicited but when you put yourselves unabashedly on display night after night, people are bound to have opinions.  Captain Lee cautioned Rhylee to take stock of her feelings, “you may be falling too hard an too fast for Tyler.  Just a hunch, but I don’t feel that he and you are on the same page here.  You had a good week as well, no flare-ups, no confrontations, hard work and a great attitude.”

Captain Lee suggested the same to Tyler.  He wrote, “you had a good week work wise, and your love life seems to be going well, but I get the feeling that you don’t share the same feelings for Rhylee that she seems to be developing for you.  I didn’t think your statement was that you flirt all day, have great sex, you make out with someone else and Rhylee doesn’t get mad, was one that you thought out very well before you said it.  But I think that there may be some dark clouds on the horizon for you and her.”

Tyler may or may not care about the proverbial dark clouds.  It seems he has the same level of enthusiasm for Rhylee as he does a fresh jar of peanut butter.  Though he really seems excited about peanut butter.


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