Tamra Judge

Jim Bellino Says Tamra Judge “Gets Away With Manipulation, Bullying, & Abuse”

Tamra Judge is known to Real Housewives of the Orange County fans as someone who constantly stirs the pot and throws a lot of shade. Whether it’s in her talking heads during the regular season, her reunion antics, or various off-season promotional opportunities…Tamra doesn’t hold back when it comes to feuds with current or former cast members.  Which brings us to our current quarrel between Tamra and Jim Bellino.  If only Tamra stuck to her most famous insult about the Bellino’s. She probably wouldn’t be in this predicament (Jesus Jugs, anyone?).

Unfortunately for Tamra, Jim did not take her insults lying down. He responded via a blog post on his website.   Jim addressed the controversy saying, “It’s unfortunate that I have to speak out on matters that I have attempted to keep private, and that others continue to attempt to portray me and my family in a false light.”

Jim then took us back a few years in their history. He declared, “In 2012, completely unprovoked, Tamra Judge called me a ‘cocaine dealer,’ which is ironic, considering I have never in my life taken any illegal substance of any kind.  Once again, this was a desperate comment made publicly to harm me personally with zero regard as to how this would affect me, my work, my wife, or my small children.”  You can see that Jim has kept up with his favorite Real Housewife franchises. He’s learned to bring the (very specific) receipts!

If you remember back to when the Bellino’s were featured on the Real Housewives, their religious beliefs were a big part of their storyline.  But, Jim, apparently, does not appreciate Tamra‘s brand of spirituality. He wrote, “I find it preposterous for her to make such statements about me when she has chosen to make her supposed Christianity a plot line for a reality show by getting baptized in a swimming pool and then continuing to act in a debaucherous manner for television.  In my opinion, these acts seem to be coming from an extremely fame-hungry individual who is desperate for a story line.”  Jim’s opinion is pretty much describing a lot of reality television personalities on Bravo. This has included himself, if I remember correctly.

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Jim’s opinions didn’t stop there, however. He shared, “In my opinion, she has used Bravo TV and The Real Housewives of Orange County TV series to get away with all manner of manipulation, bullying and abuse, all without facing any consequences from Bravo or her uniformed cult following.”  Jim sees himself as just the person to take her down. A hero for the people of sorts!

Jim made his final case against Tamra. He stated, “These destructive comments seem to be Tamra Judge’s principle weapon of choice against whomever she decides to target.  She admitted to making up lies and has targeted her venomous comments towards every single cast member she has ever worked with on the Real Housewives of Orange County.”  Alexis Bellino added that last part based on her own dealings with Tamra, right?  Did she and Gretchen Rossi team up?

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