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Estranged Wife Of Alexis Bellino’s New Boyfriend Pleads For Social Media Respect For Their Children

After former Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino split from Jim Bellino last year, her social media habits stayed relatively the same. Just no more pictures of Jim, which had been in short supply, anyhow. You know it is never a good sign when someone stops posting pictures of her significant other on Instagram!

Although Alexis was active on social media after announcing her divorce, her photos were generally of her children and the occasional inspirational quote. And of course, being Alexis, lots of selfies! Then, in February, she Instagram announced to the world that she had a new man, Andrew Bohn. And since then, Alexis has not been shy about showing him off. Now, Andrew’s estranged wife Andrea Bohn is asking for some social media respect from Alexis.

In a statement to US Weekly, Andrea shared her thoughts about her separation through her crisis manager, Richard Harlow. She said, “In response to the comments to Ms. Bellino’s very public display of her relationship with my husband, I am feeling forced to make a plea of respect for the children involved.”

Sounds very reasonable. I am not sure who Andrea is or why she needs a crisis manager, but to have your husband enter into a public relationship of some notoriety with someone a bit notorious must be heart wrenching.

Andrea also went on to share in her statement, “My marriage to Andrew was filled with both happy and challenging times, which led us to marriage counseling as recently as January. It became quite apparent our marriage was beyond reconciliation with Ms. Bellino’s Instagram post on Super Bowl Sunday. ”

That day, Alexis had posted two photos with her new man, including one in which she said, #loveisinthe air and #loveisforever. It is understandable that someone in recent marriage counseling might be dismayed that her husband was now Instagram official with someone else.

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And Andrea has more to say about Alexis’ Instagramming. She said, “As a recent divorcee and mother herself, I am sure Ms. Bellino meant no harm to myself or my children with that, or subsequent posts. However, they have been a source of additional pain to an already difficult situation. My hope is that all adults involved can be considerate of the children Andrew and I share when taking to social media.”

This made me wonder-how much has the Housewife formerly known as Mrs. Jim Bellino been posting with her new guy? Maybe a picture a week?  So, I went to Alexis’ Instagram page to do some MeghanEdmonds-style detective work. Since the original two Instagram photos, Alexis has posted a whopping TWELVE more photos with Andrew! Plus three inspirational quotes about being in love. And the photos are often captioned with declarations of love. It just all seems so Vicki Gunvalson!

Alexis even shared a dramatic Instagram caption in which she declared that, “So many people are trying to tear us apart. But guess what…God is stronger than all the hatred thrown at us.” That does seem a bit excessive. Unless you are 16 and in love for the first time. A modern day Romeo and Juliet for the over 40 set!

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Despite the dismaying situation, Andrea is trying to take the high road. She said, “I wish Andrew the happiness he deserves in his new relationship and plan to continue to work with him making the parenting and protection of our children a priority.” Andrea ended optimistically with, “The past month has proved to me that the love and support of family and friends is much more important than fame or social acceptance. I hope that can be a focus for all.”

In other words Alexis, have a little self control when posting to your social media. And a bit of compassion. As Andrea said, you have just been through a divorce yourself. Yes, your ex was not Prince Charming, but it still must have been a difficult time for you. I am sure you want to show off your new man to the world, but a little social media etiquette might be in order.


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