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Camille Grammer Requests Media Ban In Upcoming Assault Trial With Ex-Boyfriend

Isn’t it great to be seeing more of Camille Grammer this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? She always adds a little something extra to the show. A bit of levity when things get crazy. And just the right amount of snark. Hopefully, Bravo will share some of her recent wedding to David C. Meyer on an upcoming episode. It is nice to watch Camille experiencing some joy, as her life has often been challenging since becoming a Housewife.

Camille has faced many adversities over the past nine seasons of Beverly Hills, including an ugly divorce from Kelsey Grammer, a battle with cancer and the recent loss of her home in the Woolsey Fire in Malibu. One sensitive matter that has not come up in the media lately is Camille’s alleged assault by then-boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos in 2013. Now, Camille is asking for a media ban when the case finally goes to trial next month.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Camille has asked the judge presiding over the case “to ban any photography or taking of video during the trial.” She also asks that any media requests be denied in their entirety for the duration of the trial.

Additionally, Camille argues that the “testimony in this matter touches on very personal, sensitive issues and a media presence will only distract the witnesses and the jury from the important matters they are there to decide.” The judge has not yet ruled on Camille’s request.

Camille and Dimitri both filed lawsuits against each other in 2014. Camille claimed that Dimitri assaulted her in a Texas hotel room in 2013 while she was recovering from cancer surgery. Dimitri countersued for defamation, accusing Camille of fabricating the story of the alleged assault. The case has been sitting in the courts for the last five years.

The judge in the case dismissed most of Dimitris’ case against Camille last year, but did allow some claims to continue, according to The Blast. Camille also asked that Dimitri pay her attorney’s fees of $121,000 before the case moved forward, due to winning her motion. The judge granted this request.

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Dimitri claimed that he had no money to pay the judgment at the time of the decision, but said that he would pay the money when he was able. The judge then put the case on hold until the $121,000 was paid in full.

In August of 2018, Dimitri filed documents stating that he had obtained a guarantee deposit bond for $121,000, according to The Blast. The judge then reopened the case so it could move ahead in the court system.

And now, the trial is set to begin next month in Texas. It had been pushed back from an earlier date because of the Woolsey Fire.

I am sure that Camille will be glad to finally put all of this behind her. Six years is a long time to have something like this hanging over your head. Especially when you are starting out in a new marriage. Hopefully, the case will be resolved soon, so Camille can truly move on.

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