Camille Grammer Shares Update On Living In A Trailer Following The Loss Of Her Home In The Malibu Fire

When you think of Malibu, what comes to mind? Probably beautiful beaches, expensive real estate and the chance of running into a celebrity at the grocery store. Some of the wealthiest people in the world call Malibu their home. As an occasional visitor to Malibu myself, I know that the community is a little bit of paradise.

But paradise can come at a cost, as Malibu is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. Last November, Malibu took a major hit when the Woolsey fire tore through the city. More than 400 homes were lost. Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Eileen Davidson had fire scorch her gates, but her home was saved. Camille Grammer was not so lucky, as her home was destroyed.

In an interview with People Magazine, Camille gives an update on how she and her family are coping with the aftermath of the fire. She says simply, “I’m still processing it all.” Camille moved into a 1,200 square foot double-wide trailer she had originally purchased for her parents after her own 6,000 square foot home was lost. She is living in the trailer with new husband David C. Meyer and daughter Mason Grammer. Son Jude is living with her ex Kelsey Grammer, according to People.

Camille reveals that she is still struggling with the loss.  She admitted, “There are times I lamented about it. I miss my home, and having my bed to go back to. It was my safe haven and there was so much emotional value and memories connected to it.” The size of the home lost or the monetary value of it is not as important as the comfort and security it gives you. Loss is a great equalizer, no matter how wealthy or privileged you may be.

Many of the things we take for granted are lost in a fire. Camille told People, “There are days that I think that I have certain things, sunglasses or clothes or notebooks or pictures. Then I realize, oh, that doesn’t exist anymore. The comfort of walking in and having a home, that’s gone.” That must be heartbreaking for her.

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Camille had just gotten married to David when the fire occurred. She says that he has been “extremely supportive.” And that, “We make it work. This has been a good learning experience for us.” Two life-changing events in a month would be overwhelming for anyone, but Camille seems like she is managing as best she can.

Looking optimistically about her downsizing, Camille shares, “It’s kind of like glamping.” She does admit that living in a smaller home is an adjustment. “I don’t have as much privacy-but then again, I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head.”

That is a big adjustment from Season 1 Camille who took a lot of heat for saying that it would be difficult for her to adjust to temporarily living in a 3,000 square foot New York apartment! She almost seems like a different person from the Housewife we first came to know.

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Camille is philosophical about the aftermath of the fire, stating, “We have the necessities we need. We don’t need an abundance of things. Humbling experiences like this bring you to your knees. It really is a fresh start.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]