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Kyle Richards On The Possibility Of Niece Paris Hilton Becoming A Beverly Hills Housewife

As one of the Real Housewives, Kyle Richards can be a bit wishy-washy. A self-admitted bundle of neuroses, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star often finds it difficult to commit to anything. If there is a feud, Kyle usually stays off to the side. Making comments behind the other ladies backs, of course! And we watched her season after season having difficulty in setting boundaries with her sister and former co-star Kim Richards.

One thing Kyle is not wishy-washy on, however, is her love of family. She often films with hubby Mauricio Umansky and their children. We have also seen her in-laws pop up on occasion. And sister Kathy Hilton appeared on Beverly Hills in earlier days. Kyle’s most famous-and notorious-family member, however, is her niece Paris Hilton, who has also been on the show. Kyle recently shared her thoughts about the possibility of Paris becoming a Housewife. Yes, a Housewife!

Kyle replied to a screenshot on the Instagram account of Comments by Celebs Bravo. The post was a screenshot of an article titled-“Paris Hilton Wants To Join Aunt Kyle Richards On The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Per Radar.” Could it be? Paris, herself a reality OG, wants to be on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Paris was around at the start of the modern age of reality television, teaming up with Nicole Richie for The Simple Life, a vapid show about two vapid young women thrown into fish out of water situations. I can see Nicole as a possible Housewife as she is sarcastic and clever and has reinvented herself as a rock star wife/mother/fashionista and sometime actress. But Paris? One of the founders of the “I am famous for absolutely no good reason” concept?

Well, it seems Paris is not going to become a Housewife anytime soon. Kyle replied to the teasing Instagram post, stating, “I would love this, but she never said this haha.” The better question is, would the fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills love Paris becoming a Housewife?

Paris is best known these days as a DJ, serial dater of younger men and the purveyor of perfumes found in the aisles of your local discount store. She also has also been arrested multiple times and starred in a sex tape. Which are all possible attributes that could make a good Housewife! But is Paris truly the stuff that Housewives are made of? To me, probably not, as I don’t see her being clever, funny or interesting enough to add to the Housewife mix.

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However, Paris does have one attribute that could make her an intriguing addition to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is the daughter of Kathy Hilton. And Paris probably knows all the real dirt on the feuds of the Richards sisters-Kathy, Kim and Kyle. Which could make her at least an interesting “Friend of” for a season. If-and only if-she was willing to talk!

Wouldn’t you love to know the real dish on why Kathy and Kyle have gone long periods without speaking? I would! What does Kathy think of Mauricio leaving her husband’s real estate company to start his own business? Is Mauricio still supporting Kim financially like a second wife? Why weren’t all of Kyle’s daughters invited to Nicky Hilton’s wedding? Who paid Kim’s legal fees for her arrests and lawsuits? So many questions!

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Sadly, it doesn’t seem like we will be getting answers to those questions any time soon. Unless one of the Richards sisters comes out with an autobiography-more honest and enlightening than Kyle’s own fluffy attempt at the genre a few years back. But if Kim writes an autobiography, I will pre-order it on Amazon the day it pops up. Especially if the book is titled, “You Stole My G–damn House: A Tale of Three Sisters.”


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