Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 4 Taglines Revealed

The Real Housewives of Potomac taglines for Season 4 are finally here!  Just in time for the premiere on May 5th.  And the ladies are certainly bringing the attitude.

There are some surprises and innuendos.  Gizelle Bryant changed her trademark phrase. Meanwhile, Karen Huger is still reigning supreme as the Grand Dame.  No one can keep the group in line and hold her own as well as Karen. Still, that doesn’t stop Ashley Darby from getting a dig back at her.  Candiace Dillard references her upcoming wedding.  Robyn Dixon and Monique Samuels express new outlooks.  Tie in all the trailer footage and this season promisess non-stop conflict.

People shared all the drama fans can expect for next season.  Candiace is back for and on a quest to keep her mother in check.  This is her moment of financial emancipation.  Will she rise to the occasion?  At least she is more self-aware this time around.

Candiace’s tagline is all about her happy day: “Now that I’m marrying my prince, this sleeping beauty is woke.”

Monique is happily pregnant this season and is intending to be less reactionary.  At least that’s what her tagline implies, “I’ve traded in my umbrella.  It’s all gold at the end of this rainbow.” And while Monique said she would only use umbrellas in the way nature intended, that doesn’t mean she is avoiding all drama.  “I’ll drag you, pregnancy and all,” she says to Candiace in the trailer.

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Robyn’s best scenes are with her family.  That’s where she shines.  And she is certainly enjoying her ex-husband Juan Dixon these days.  Her tagline is all about the sassy new style she has to match her outlook. She says, “The shorter my hair, the shorter may patience.”  Spoiler alert, her hair is very short.

The word on the street is that Gizelle is no longer using that tagline.  Finally.  After three seasons. The wording has changed but the hyperbole is still the same.  Now she says, “I’m the baddest thing walking and the smartest one talking.”

Karen really does hold center court.  Even if no one is sure where that actual address is.  She is a nomadic goddess then.  And Karen’s influence went so far as to inspire Ashley’s tagline for the season.  After footage for the trailer caught her warning to Ashley about karma being a bitch and all, Ashley decided on a response.

Ashley’s tagline is “Karma is a bitch, but luckily, I’m on her good side.”  This verbal exchange has everything to do with sexual allegations made against Ashley’s husband Michael Darby.  The charges were since dropped but that doesn’t stop cast mates from giving Ashley grief that her husband was accused of groping a cameraman.

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Of course, Karen would include her alter-ego in her own tagline.  The Grand Dame has lived through a lot last season while supporting her husband through a humiliating financial crisis.  And Karen wants everyone to know where she stands. She warns, “You can try to tear me down, but the Grand Dame never crumbles.”

Fans can catch the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 4 premiere on May 5th at 9 pm.  Plan your Cinco de Mayo celebrations accordingly.

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[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]