Shannon Beador Receives Big Payout In Divorce From David Beador

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The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Shannon Beador’s divorce from David Beador has been going on since 2017. Just like in their marriage, we have watched endless drama play out in their split. David even representing himself instead of hiring an attorney. And the former couple’s ongoing battles over support payments, custody issues, and assets.

Shannon and David finalized their divorce on April 25th and details of the divorce were kept private. Of course, such details have a way of leaking out-and now we have a glimpse into the biggest D-I-V-O-R-C-E in the OC since Vicki Gunvalson split from the long-suffering Donn Gunvalson.

A People article spilled all the Beador divorce specifics based on court documents obtained by The Blast. David will be paying Shannon $1.4 million “to equalize the division of community property as set forth herein” according to the documents. I am sure David will hate writing that check! And you have to wonder if David really finds the property division “equalizing.”

$1.4 million sounds like a huge amount of money to most of us, but in the OC it would probably only be a down payment on a house like Shannon’s rental. Maybe part of Shannon’s storyline next season will include some house hunting, in less expensive Orange County areas like Anaheim. Or maybe she could find a fixer-upper in Coto de Caza. Bestie Tamra Judge could even be her realtor- if she has finished renewing her expired realtor’s license.

Fortunately for Shannon, the $1.4 million settlement is not all she will be receiving in the divorce. She was also awarded $10,000 a month in “combined child and spousal support for ten (10) years and no more and no less than the $10,000 per month in combined child and spousal support.” $2,935 will be in child support and $7,065 in spousal support. The payments will continue through April of 2029. And again, I bet David will hate writing the spousal support portion of that check!

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Shannon and David have also agreed to joint physical and legal custody of daughters Sophie, Stella, and Adeline. And David will “maintain health insurance coverage for the supported children,” according to the documents. No mention was made of payments for any of Shannon’s new age therapies. I guess she will be covering them out of her own Gucci wallet.

The couple formerly known as the Beadors are also to “communicate with one another to ensure the children are appropriately cared for at all times. The parties shall cooperate to promote healthy parent-child relationships between each party and each of the children, and neither party shall make derogatory remarks about the other in the presence of the children.” This provision is probably the most important of all-let’s hope both sides abide by it.

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Were you also wondering about the details of who will keep what? I bet you were! Shannon will retain a 2015 Cadillac Escalade, a leased 2018 BMW, her bank accounts and household furniture and furnishings currently in her possession according to the documents. I assume that also includes nine lemons in a bowl and the 500 QVC Real for Real meals stocked in Shannon’s freezer.

David will keep items such as a leased 2018 Porsche, a 2017 BMW, a 2019 Mercedes, and four other vehicles (!). He also gets a property near Corona, California. He will still own the Beador Construction Company. Plus, what is left of his dignity.

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So, when will Shannon and David be free to stroll down the aisle again? Not that either of them probably will want to do so after this drawn-out divorce! However, if they should get the itch to re-hitch, Shannon and David will be officially restored to the status of single persons on July 1st, according to the documents.

We can only pray that this will be the end of Shannon and David divorce drama. I guess we will find out more on the next season of the show. Here’s hoping we see a Shannon a little freer and more willing to “whoop it up” like she did in Puerto Vallarta last season. I am not sure that “congratulations” are usually appropriate for a divorce. However, in this case, I think it is fitting. Congratulations Shannon!

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]