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On tonight’s Real Housewives Of New York, some Housewives try to change their image by doing some good in the world for once! While others (Luann de Lesseps) are clinging onto their bad girl ways way, way past their expiration date!

Don’t cross the countess and her cabaret! When Luann learns that Bethenny Frankel bailed on her Cabaret-Halloween celebration, Luann makes another snarky comment about Bethenny’s friendship.

Dorinda Medley trying to get revenge make peace between the two friends, once again, reveals Luann’s comment to Bethenny as a way of explaining that relationships are not attainable for Luann right not as she learns how to connect with people without the salve of booze. Clearly ,Luann is failing on both the sobriety and friendship fronts though!

Joking aside relapses happen all the time with people managing sobriety and I hope Luann manages to find a balance between her career and her commitments to AA and probation. Let’s try and cut the Countess a little slack as she navigates building a new way of life. (Soap Box Speech Over)

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Back to Real Housewives Of New York, Dorinda moves into her new apartment, but her daughter Hannah hates it. Well, I’ll be more than happy to judge for myself, but I certainly hope it’s better than her old digs!

Ramona Singer hosts a charity event for children who have been the victims of sexual abuse, but her attempts to include Sonja Morgan and Dorinda ends in a disastrous speech that insults the host, causes a huge fight, and leaves donors and attendees disgusted.

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