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Gizelle Bryant Dishes On The Drama At Candiace Dillard’s Wedding

Real Housewives of Potomac fans saw Gizelle Bryant in a vulnerable state last episode.  She was dumped yet again by ex-boyfriend, Sherman Douglas, mere hours before he was to escort her to Candiace Dillard’s wedding.

Gizelle decided to attend anyway.  She consumed a significant enough amount of alcohol to make peace with both Monique Samuels and Karen Huger by the end of the night.  Whether the truces will last remains to be seen, but of course, in reality TV it’s about the journey not the destination.

In her Bravo blog, Gizelle described what she was feeling after the phone call with Sherman.  She wrote, “I was so NOT going to Candiace’s wedding once my date canceled at the last minute.  But since I’m a grown woman who wears big girl panties, I put my issues to the side to focus on Candiace because it was truly HER day.  I’m so happy that I was there, the wedding was gorgeous and the bride was spectacular.”

Gizelle was asked if she felt surprised that Monique approached her for an apology.  She replied, “nope, not surprised Monique attempted to apologize.  She saw herself last year and even she could see that she looked pressed and petty with all of her antics.”

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Juan Dixon seems to be the only cast member with any positive feelings towards Sherman.  Last season, when what was meant to be a double date turned into Gizelle showing up teary-eyed and alone at the Dixon’s house, Juan was quick to defend the relationship as well.  But Gizelle understands that Juan just really likes to hang out with Sherman.  She said, “oh Juan!  How do you not love him?  Juan wants Sherman around to talk basketball, I get it.  But I’ll find someone else for Juan to talk sports with and all will be well.”

And what of the Grande Dame?  Karen managed to avoid any drama at this event.  Not only that, but she had Gizelle come to her for an apology.  Gizelle was asked if it was difficult for her to approach Karen.  She replied, “absolutely not, that wedding was lit.  We had so many Fireball shots I would have talked to anybody.  Karen knows, she loves my tipsy hugs.”

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Tipsy hugs are not a resolution make.


[Photo Credit- Shannon Finney/Bravo]