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Ashley Darby Wants To Make Amends With Karen Huger & Monique Samuels

Ashley Darby is one member of the Real Housewives of Potomac cast who didn’t offer an apology at Candiace Dilliard’s wedding. While Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels took advantage of the general feelings of goodwill at this event. However, Ashley did not.  Instead, she took advantage of the open bar.

She obviously had a fantastic time, but what were her thoughts about the group dynamic at the wedding?  And how did she feel about running into castmates that she may have been trying to avoid?

In her Bravo blog, Ashley described her feelings when she saw Karen Huger and Monique at the wedding.  She wrote, “initially, I was a bit apprehensive about seeing Monique and Karen because we have had different perspectives of how our relationships have progressed.”

“With Karen, I’ve tried to be authentic and genuine in our friendship, and only asked that she reciprocate,” she said.

In contrast, Ashley claimed, “Instead, it seemed Karen was set on perpetuating airs and falsehoods.” She declared that this “doesn’t mesh with my personality.”

Karen has the same feelings about Ashley.  Neither trusts the authenticity of the other.

Monique and Ashley were on good terms last season.  Then Ashley started questioning Monique’s sobriety during her car accident.  Rather than speak to Monique directly about her concern, Ashley went behind her back to dish to Robyn Dixon.

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Ashley still claims she was only looking out for her friend.  She wrote, “as for my friendship with Monique, what started out as genuine concern was misconstrued, and animosity developed on both sides.”

Ashley wrote, “We had different recollections of an event which blew up like that tire, but there was more rooted in considering her overall well-being after a traumatic loss.”

Ashley says she is ready to work through the issues.  She thinks, “without a doubt, there have been choppy waters with Monique and Karen.”

Ultimately, Ashley says, “I am honestly ready to make amends and sail on smooth seas.” Will that actually happen though?

So what does Ashley credit as her motivation for mending fences?  Plans for motherhood.  She wrote, “physiologically speaking, stress and animosity only hinder my ability to create life.”

Ashley continued, “I think about creating a human and being a role model for that little one, repairing relationship becomes even more paramount.”

“After experiencing the heartbreak of losing our baby,” she concluded, “I aim to focus on what truly matters, and that’s having real, trustworthy relationships.  I’m open to seeing if that’s a possibility with Karen and Monique.”


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