Below Deck Mediterranean: Hannah Ferrier Reveals Her Oddest Guest Preference Sheet Request

One of the great things about watching Below Deck Mediterranean is that for 60 minutes (OK-40 minutes on DVR!) is that you can imagine yourself as a guest on a luxury yacht. All without having to mortgage your home for a two day vacation. In three seasons of the show, we have watched charter guests–from the lovable to the loathsome–have their every whim catered to. And who wouldn’t love that?

No request is too big–or too small for the crew to fulfill. From water slides used for five minutes by bored millionaires to the crew-dreaded beach picnic setups, every wish of the guests is indulged. Surly Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier frequently grumbles about demanding guests, but usually does what she can to grant their requests. Only because she knows Captain Sandy Yawn is always watching! Recently, Hannah shared the oddest preference sheet request she has ever received from a guest–and it might surprise you in its simple strangeness.

So, what is the weirdest request Hannah has ever received from a guest? And no, it wasn’t for Hannah to actually do her job without complaining! Hannah shared the odd demand with Bravo’s The Feast, stating, “Probably the craziest thingI had [a preference sheet of a guest and] literally the woman only ate berries. So all food was basically eliminated.”

Only berries? Who was the woman? A squirrel? Or a parrot? Can you imagine someone only eating berries? Was she on some new celebrity diet? I guess if you are only going to eat one kind of food, berries at least come in a variety-strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, juniper berries…well, you get the picture!

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So, how did snarky Hannah handle the request? We all know that she often has little patience for demanding or eccentric guests. Especially if their needs interfere with her cigarette breaks or emotional breakdowns. But the trouper Chief Stewardess made sure the guest’s wish was fulfilled after receiving the request. Although the berry-only diet was challenging, Hannah got creative and shared, “I would still do like a three-course meal, but different berries for each course.”

We all know how temperamental Below Deck Mediterranean chefs like Adam Glick and Ben Robinson have handled such guest requests–they often completely ignored the guest wishes. Or they added something into a soup or salad that the guest said they specifically did not want. And somehow, people still tipped them generously!

And what was Hannah’s real opinion about the charter guest? You know she had one! Hannah said, “I think she needs to go under a microscope and be studied. That was weird.” True, but it was probably an easy request to fulfill. And knowing Hannah’s aversion to work, this is the kind of request that even Hannah could handle without too much trouble.

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Hannah shared that not making a big deal out of such a request is key, revealing, “You just pretend like it’s completely normal. It’s like hearing the most ridiculous thing ever and you’re just like, ‘Oh, yeah of course. I deal with that all the time! In fact, I only eat berries myself for four weeks a year.’ You’ve gotta make them feel like it’s normal when it’s not.” Especially when your tip is dependent on it!

Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean premieres on Monday, June 3rd, with the crew sailing through the seas of the South of France.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]