Hannah Ferrier Credits Hypnotism For Helping Her Quit Smoking

Hannah Ferrier may or may not watch herself on Below Deck Mediterranean.  Perhaps for the sake of optimism, let’s assume she did view herself last season, took stock of what the rest of us saw, and decided to do something about it.

Maybe Hannah took note of the endless smoke breaks, and the stress it put on her interior team.  Certainly, working her way through a giant carton of cigarettes and owing Conrad Empson 50 Euros seemed to backfire on her.  Hannah badgered Conrad to no end because he asked for that money back.

Whatever the reason, Hannah decided it was finally time to kick her smoking habit to the curb.  She took to her Instagram on Tuesday to share a message with fans.  Hannah wrote, “hi guys!!  I hope you are all well!!  So a few of you have noticed a bit of a difference in my appearance lately and apart from a few pounds, the difference is coming from the inside out.”

Not only has Hannah quit smoking, but she is celebrating a milestone.  Hannah continued, “after many, many years I have officially quit smoking!  Three months today!  It was a long time coming but I always believe you need to do these things for yourself when you are ready if you want to succeed.”

Accompanying the post is a very radiant looking Hannah.  She thanks her glam squad for, “helping me with getting the toxins out of my body and looking after my skin and also my gorgeous hairdresser for making me look super cute in this pic!”

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So how did she do it?  Hannah swears by hypnotism, “if you are interested in how I did it, I actually got hypnotized!  It’s amazing and it worked for me.”

Several cast mates wrote on her Instagram.  Chef Adam Glick posted encouraging emojis.  Captain Sandy Yawn, who butted heads with Hannah all season for her endless smoke breaks wrote, “so proud happy for you Hannah!  Next the baby!!”

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Maybe family planning was the real motivator behind Hannah’s desire to quit smoking.  Regardless, the most important question, according to one fan is, “does this mean you don’t owe Conrad 50 euros anymore?”


[Photo Credit- Bravo]

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