Karen Huger Thinks Gizelle Bryant Is “A Very Manipulative, Insecure Person”

The ladies of Real Housewives of Potomac were vacationing in the Big Easy this week.  But despite the name of the locale, navigating this group is no small feat.  Take Karen Huger.  Even after hosting Gizelle Bryant in her home, Karen still knew to have her guard up.

And for good reason it seems.  Gizelle chose to air her grievances with Karen publicly at a group lunch.  Karen ended up walking away from the confrontation and, potentially the whole trip to New Orleans.  If only these two could agree on what friendship entails.

Karen wrote in her Bravo blog why she agreed to go on the trip despite grieving for her parents.  She said, “I thought the trip to NOLA was a good idea.  Although, the timing was tough for me as I had just buried both my parents, so I took this trip as a diversion and as an opportunity to connect with the ladies.”

Gizelle started the conversation innocently enough.  She gave Karen a few compliments, then blind-sided her.  Karen’s face dropped as Gizelle uttered the words, “I’ve been asking you these same questions for two years now.”

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Karen explained her thoughts about that lunch, “so…to say I was surprised that Gizelle attacked me about our friendship is an understatement!!  Gizelle just looked CRAWFISH CRAZY!  Clearly, Gizelle is a very manipulative insecure person.”

Karen is not one to wallow in hurt though.  She has some advice for Gizelle, “I’ll pray for her and send some books so she can read about how to be a friend–because obviously, she needs some guidance.”

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One thing is for sure, this relationship took one step forward and a giant leap back.  The battle lines remain drawn for this season.  Does anyone expect a resolution in the near future?


[Photo Credit- Bravo]