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Ashley Darby Says Candiace Dillard Is “Utterly Childish” & Insensitive

It seems we’ve come full circle on the Real Housewives of Potomac. After falling out of Monique Samuels’ good graces last season for questioning her drinking habits, Ashley Darby is now under scrutiny by Candiace Dillard for the same reason.  Since Ashley claims to be on karma’s “good side,” maybe irony is to blame instead.

Then there is Karen Huger.  She chose to spend her night in New Orleans talking to literally anyone in the world except Gizelle Bryant.  Gizelle is always in take-down mode and she clearly didn’t get enough of a rise out of Karen.  So she decided to throw a wrench into the entire evening.  A very well timed statement of, “Candiace doesn’t believe that you’re really trying to get pregnant,” escalated into a huge confrontation between Ashley and Candiace.

In her Bravo blog, Ashley wrote, “I’ve never met a woman who would have the audacity to claim that another woman isn’t actually trying to have a child, especially after knowing she has experienced a miscarriage.  Even if one doesn’t have children herself, I’d imagine there would be a general decency about approaching such a personal topic.”

Perhaps Candiace would have voiced her unsolicited opinion to Ashley in more delicate terms had Gizelle not spoken up.  Ashley continues her blog to psychoanalyze Candiace, “the only thing I could think is that Candiace is utterly childish and insensitive to a degree even I can’t fathom.  While it irritates me and makes me defensive because of my own anxiety, I actually feel pretty bad for her.”

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“It’s apparent that the experiences Candiace has had in relation to motherhood and children has done a great deal of damage to her understanding of familial relationships,” Ashley continued, “perhaps as she matures, Candiace will form a better understanding of how to address real life issues, ones that her mom’s checkbook won’t be able to rescue her from.”

Well, Ashley may have some insight on dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships.  She does have some empathy for Karen in her grieving process though.  Maybe Ashley had a conversation with Dorinda Medley about giving people space to mourn.

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She wrote, “in all honesty, I wasn’t surprised that Karen didn’t come out because of the tension between she and Gizelle.  Something I have learned about Miss Karen is when she feels wronged by someone, she will use any means to show you that she’s mad.  She’s that old school version of petty that we youngins can’t even being to understand.  But when Karen said she was thinking about her parents, that changed how I felt about her absence.  It’s not for me to understand Karen’s grieving process, so I respected her for taking that time.”

Ashley’s understanding ends with Karen’s livestreaming.  She wrote, “when that Instagram Live popped up, however, it threw me for a bit of a loop.  Like, didn’t you just say you needed to be alone-okay, Miss Karen.  I see how you’re rolling in these Nola streets.  Point made!”

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