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Candiace Dillard Says Ashley Darby “Is Contradicting Her Damn Self”

So far on this season of Real Housewives of Potomac, Candiace Dillard got married and feuded with her mother. Ashley Darby has been trying to conceive following a devastating miscarriage. Ashley tells her fellow Housewives that she has stopped drinking in order to conceive. All the while slamming down tons of alcohol. I find drunk Ashley entertaining, but this is a bit confusing. Fans of the show know that Ashley is happily pregnant right now, but this apparently happened after filming wrapped.

In October of 2018, Ashley’s husband, Michael Darby, was suspended during filming because he allegedly groped a cameraman. He was accused of sexual assault. He was later cleared of all charges.

Michael also made some questionable comments to a bartender at Ashley’s Uncle’s birthday bash. What is really questionable is Michael’s 90’s outfit. So wrong! Ashley dismisses Michael’s comments as just admiring another man who is physically fit. Then this RHOP episode jumps to 4 hours later, and the gang is still partying. Impressive!

Robyn Dixon is filming the drunken after-party. She allegedly overhears Michael telling a man he would “suck his dick.” Candiace also knows about Michael’s comments. For right now, they are not telling Ashley.

The Potomac Housewives hit the Big Easy, and Ashley’s thirst for alcohol has not diminished. In fairness, she gets her period, so she is sad about not being pregnant. The ladies get dressed in festive masks and boas to hit the town.  Ashley tells the group that she promised Michael that she wouldn’t do shots. She relents after a moment and makes Candiace swear not to tell her husband. I am not sure that Candiace is the one to trust, Ashley.

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After lots of drinking and dancing, the group heads back to the hotel hang out. Ashley learns that Candiace, her shot-drinking buddy, is questioning her commitment to having children. Ashley fires back saying, “And I have been fighting to have a family. The fact that you are really f**king digging at me like this really shows you have no consideration for me as a person at all.” The duo also argues when Candiace points out that Ashley runs her mouth about everyone’s business.

Candiace wrote in her Bravo blog, “I am fully aware of the fact that a few drinks at the beginning of a pregnancy/before you know you are pregnant can have little effect on a fetus. MY POINT IS, the girl is contradicting her damn self and I would just like to know why? ESPECIALLY BECAUSE she’s miscarried before…wouldn’t you want to do EVERYTHING by the book to conceive after a loss like that?”

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That is a good point, but is Candiace being too judgmental? Or is it just that she doesn’t trust Ashley? “Ashley is bending and breaking all the rules,” Candiace wrote. “So I’m just having a hard time believing her.

FURTHERMORE, there’s no contrary evidence like harboring the big ol’ piece of mess

I’m carrying about Michael at L2…are you sure you’re trying to get pregnant when your husband is making advances at other people? #QTNA” Yikes!

Of course, viewers know that Michael and Ashley are expecting,

and recently shared their daring gender reveal. Michael ripped open a package of powder while skydiving, revealing that the couple is expecting a baby boy. That is a cool and unusual reveal from an unconventional couple.

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