Shep Rose Denies Ever Dating Eliza Limehouse; Dishes On Her Southern Charm Portrayal

SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: Shepard Rose -- (Photo by: Bravo)

Throughout six seasons of Southern Charm, we have come to know a lot about Shep Rose. He has a love for the ladies, a fondness for alcohol, an occasional elitist attitude and often chews with his mouth open. Which is also a questionable habit of co-star Cameran Eubanks! In addition, Shep frequently dresses like he put on the first semi-clean thing he found in his laundry hamper when he woke up in the morning–which, of course, he probably did.

The one thing that Shep might be best known and loved–or resented for–is his proclivity for talking. Shep’s bold opinions have triggered the occasional animosity of co-stars like Craig Conover. And have even resulted in a few Twitter feuds. So, of course, chatty Shep would be a natural for his own podcast. Where he can talk all he wants, including sharing his thoughts about co-stars–like controversial new cast member Eliza Limehouse.

Celebrity Insider reports that Shep dished on Eliza during the first episode of his new podcast Enough About Me. Viewers thought he might be involved with Eliza on the Southern Charm season premiere, but according to Shep, “they weren’t even on a date when they attended Patricia Altschul’s dinner party.” Maybe Shep wants to distance himself from Eliza–he is almost old enough to be her father–and she was extremely rude to Kathryn Dennis at the party.

Eliza, of course, raised the ire of Kathryn with impolite comments directed towards her at the gathering. Which resulted in Cameran confronting Eliza about her lack of manners on the next episode.

Lady Limehouse Eliza later claimed that the show presented an inaccurate portrayal of her. Of course, it did–the cameras always lie! Cameran and Naomie Olindo even defended Eliza on social media after the party debacle.

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Strangely, Eliza was angry at Shep for how things went down on the first show. He declared, “By the way, Eliza, if you’re listening, I do apologize for the way things went out. But she definitely is mad at me because I got an angry text. I do feel bad, but here’s the thing about Eliza. She might have looked bad on this episode but deep down, Eliza’s not a bad person, she’s nice and sweet.”

Kudos to Shep for defending Eliza, but her being angry at him for how she was portrayed on the show doesn’t exactly make her seem “nice and sweet.” Plus, Shep had nothing to do with Eliza’s catty comments towards Kathryn. Time for someone to stop renting and take some ownership, Eliza!

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Gentlemen Shep, whose first podcast guest was Cameran, also revealed that he has never hooked up with Eliza. Is that an insult–or a compliment–I’m not sure! However, he did admit that he hooked up with one of her friends. Of course, knight in shining armor Shep would not reveal which friend. Or, maybe he couldn’t remember the specific details–like her name.

Shep’s new podcast is sure to be all the things Shep can be–charming, thoughtful, intelligent, ridiculous, judgmental and a little hypocritical. Let’s hope it is a success–you never know when those mailbox money checks might stop coming.

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