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Cameran Eubanks & Naomie Olindo Defend New Southern Charm Cast Member Eliza Limehouse After Backlash From Viewers

New Southern Charm cast member Eliza Limehouse did not make the best first impression during the Season 6 premiere episode. For some reason, she thought it was a good idea to remind everyone that she’s so close with Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs, who aren’t even on the show anymore.

And then she had some word vomit toward Kathryn Dennis, who eloquently told Eliza that her coattails are worn out at the end of the episode. We barely saw any Eliza during Episode 2, minus the pedicure scene with Cameran Eubanks. However, a lot of the viewers didn’t seem to mind. She doesn’t have a ton of fans at this point, but Cameran and Naomie Olindo have come to her defense.

On May 23, Cameran posted a photo with Eliza and Eliza’s mom on her Instagram page. Along with the photo, she begged the Southern Charm audience to give Eliza a chance.

Cameran wrote, “Alright listen here. Eliza is just going through some “growing pains” on the show right now. Y’all Please be sweet to her. She is one of the kindest people I know.” Maybe she was just nervous and pregamed a little too hard for the dinner party. Oh, Eliza.

Cameran concluded, “This is us, and her sweet Mama at my baby shower (that was not filmed). I hold these people very dear to my heart. Being new to a reality show is going to be nerve wracking to anyone.” That’s understandable, but why would she mention how she was so close with Thomas, who is persona non grata right now. No one the planet show wants anything to do with him.

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That wasn’t all though. Cameran also took to her Instagram Story to that same day. In a video message, she told her followers, “I wanted to jump on here in response to the post that I just made on our new cast member Eliza. I’m not good at a lot of things, but I’m a pretty damn good judge of character.”

Then, she insisted, “I promise y’all that Eliza has a good heart. She is not a bad person. Her delivery was atrocious and she’s aware of that, but her intent in her heart is good and pure. I promise you that and I think intent is what people should be judged on, not their delivery.” What was her intent though? That is what I would love to hear. A “good” explanation for that behavior toward Kathryn is something I would just love to hear.

Cameran ended her video with, “So, y’all hang in there, get to know her. Y’all will love her like I do. Thanks.” We’ll try, Cameran.

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Naomie also took to her Instagram Story to defend Eliza. She wrote, “I 100000% agree with @camwiberly1 and her current story on the fact that @elizadevereauxlimehouse is actually a wonderful human being and y’all gotta stop being ugly to her. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Give her a chance… tv can be really distorting.” It sure can.

Cameran Eubanks & Naomie Olindo Defend New Southern Charm Cast Member Eliza Limehouse After Backlash From Viewers

Of course, Eliza defended herself on Instagram as well. On May 16, she wrote, “Thank y’all for all of the love today!!!! Episode 1 def doesn’t paint me well, BUT it gets better! Promise. all of the sweet msgs mean so much (I’m not reading anymore mean comments or msgs for the rest of the week) BUT on a positive note I chopped my hair.” The best part of that message is that she chopped her hair. Her look during that first episode was brutal. The horror of those extensions!

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In another Instagram post, Eliza said “thankful for these humans” with photos of Cameran, Naomie, and Danni Baird. No Kathryn though. That is not surprising though.


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