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Gizelle Bryant Calls Out Candiace Dillard For Meddling In Everyone’s Business; Says Monique Samuels’ Comments About Katie Rost Were “Horrible, Deplorable, & Disgusting”

Gizelle Bryant has a lot to say about Candiace Dillard‘s pot-stirring antics and the connotations of slavery thrown around on the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Potomac.

While Gizelle wasn’t exactly fond of “cheerleader” Candiace last season, the OG and the newest ‘Wife have found common ground this year and are slowly building a friendship. During the last episode, the two met for a lunch. Candiace spilled the tea on Monique Samuels referring to Katie Rost as “Amistad” on the New Orleans trip. She also doubled down on her very strong opinions about Ashley Darby‘s questionable attempts at getting pregnant.

In her Bravo blog, Gizelle was quick to react to the word on the street regarding Monique‘s opinion of returning OG Katie‘s “free-spirited” nature, which her frenemy likened to Amistad (the 1997 film depicting the slave ship La Amistad) during the ladies’ trip to New Orleans.

Hearing a black woman refer to another black woman with a slave connotation really angered me,” Gizelle wrote.

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She continued, “We had just come from touring the Whitney Plantation and seeing how my ancestors were treated. The last thing I thought I would hear Candiace say was that Monique referred to Katie as Amistad, a movie about SLAVERY. Horrible. Deplorable. Disgusting. As a woman, there are some things you just don’t say about another woman and Monique clearly said it. She was wronger than wrong for that comment, but I’m not shocked.”

Then, Gizelle addressed Candiace‘s meddling in the Darbys’ baby-making journey, writing, “Candiace screams that for years Ashley has been in everyone’s business when that is exactly what Candiace is doing to Ashley. Candiace doesn’t listen to her Momma so she damn sure isn’t going to listen to me. When it comes to Ashley, Candiace just needs to take a Xanax and breathe.”

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Perhaps Candiace will follow Gizelle‘s advice and pop on over to Beverly Hills to borrow a Xanax from Lisa Rinna‘s famous pill bag. After all, there’s nothing we love more than a Housewives crossover! Still, if the shade-filled midseason trailer is any indication, the drama between Candiace and Ashley is only just beginning. So hold onto your Xanax smoothies because this season of RHOP is about to get even messier.

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