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Tamra Judge Gives Update On Eddie Judge’s Heart Condition

On the last season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, viewers watched as Tamra Judge’s husband Eddie Judge battled a heart condition. Eddie was forced to curtail his fitness routine and underwent multiple procedures to correct the condition, atrial fibrillation, or AFib. AFib is an irregular and often rapid heartbeat. The condition can result in an increased risk of strokes, heart failure and other heart-related complications.

When Season 13 ended, Tamra and Eddie still did not have any definitive answers on his medical status. Now, the couple has some news on his health–and things seem to be looking up.

The couple recently gave an update about Eddie’s health to Entertainment Tonight. And the news is mostly good. Eddie’s AFib has finally been corrected. He shared, “It aged me real fast. [But] I’m back! I don’t have to take naps, I can go a whole day and, yeah, I feel good. I’m working out, exercising. I don’t have any symptoms, I feel normal.”

That is great news! As Eddie’s livelihood is being a gym owner and trainer, not being able to fully participate in his own business must have been difficult. Not to mention having a serious health condition that impacted all aspects of his life.

Tamra admitted, “He’s gone through a lot. He went from a very active person to somebody that, you know, had to take multiple naps during the day and I think it did a lot to [him] psychologically.” Naps during the day might sound like fun, but not when you are forced to take them because of a debilitating health issue.

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Although Eddie is feeling much better, he is still, unfortunately, battling heart problems. Tamra stated, “In the midst of correcting the AFib, there was damage done to a part of his heart. So now, we’re dealing with that damage, which we knew going into it that it could be a possibility and it happened. So, he’s not quite done with his journey, but he feels so much better and he’s back to work.”

Poor Eddie-the guy can’t seem to catch a break! It looks like Eddie will have one more surgery. He will get a WATCHMAN implant. This “helps to keep blood clots from forming in the heart by permanently closing a small part of the heart.”

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Eddie explained, “[It’s] a little umbrella-like thing that gets implanted into the appendage, [which] is just a little pocket of just part of your heart that just coagulates blood. If you’re not on blood thinners, that’s where you’ll start having blood clots, and that’s where the issues come with the stroke.” And Eddie went on to say, “So, you know, he [the doctor] said, you got time, stay on the blood thinners until probably the end of this year, if not next year, and then we’ll cross that bridge.”

Having a positive attitude has likely been instrumental in Eddie’s health situation. He declared, “We’re not done with the journey. There’s still more to learn and there’s still more to experience and, you know, I’m happy to help people.”

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And that is why we love Eddie on RHOC. In a world of self-absorbed Shannon Beador, screeching Vicki Gunvalson and obnoxious Long Island Gina Kirschenheiter, it is nice to at least have a House Husband who knows what is important. Which, in Eddie and Tamra’s case, is good health.


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