Tamra Judge Says That She And Ex Simon Barney Are Finally Getting Along

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We all know that when Housewives get a divorce, there is bound to be lots of drama. Divorce settlements, custody issues and sordid allegations often accompany the splits. After a year or two, even the ugliest of divorces usually cool down and the ladies move on to other storylines.

Tamra Judge has been an exception to that rule. Since she and ex-husband Simon Barney split in 2010, the two have often had a contentious relationship. Tamra has not been shy about telling her side of the story, sometimes on the Real Housewives of Orange County–which has probably add fuel to the fire. Now, according to Tamra, things are finally looking up in the relationship between she and her ex.

Could their endless feud finally be over? Tamra recently told Entertainment Tonight, “We’ve actually been getting along very well. It’s been a long time coming but, you know, I’ve always wanted this. I’ve always wanted to co-parent and now we’re actually doing it.”

The reconciliation appears to have been relatively recent. Just a few months ago, Tamra was slamming Simon on social media, claiming that he refused to let younger daughter Sophia Barney appear on RHOC. A few weeks ago, however, Tamra posted a photo of herself, Simon and Sophia at her daughter’s eighth grade dance. Apparently the thawing of a decade of anger was in the works.

What led to the truce between Tamra and Simon? She revealed, “I think we’re at a point in our lives where we’re just like, you know what? We’re both happy, we went through this, it was hard but let’s make the best of it. So, we’ve moved on.” It’s about time, I would say!

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A less bitter Tamra also shared, “We’re now at a place in our lives where he’s [Simon] very happy and [Eddie Judge and I are very happy], and I think that it’s just gotten to that place where there’s no fighting constantly. Like, there’s nothing to fight about, because usually, when you fight, it’s something personal. It’s something like, you know, ‘I hate you so you’re not gonna get this weekend…’ or… you know? It’s very normal in breakups.”

Let’s hope that type of behavior is not considered “normal” in breakups! If that kind of behavior is what Tamra considers normal in a divorce, maybe all the problems she has had with Simon over the years make more sense.

After Simon and Tamra’s divorce, daughter Sidney Barney chose to live with Simon, while son Spencer Barney has lived with Tamra and Eddie. Sophia splits her time with Simon and Tamra.

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Tamra went on to tell Entertainment Tonight about the difficulties her family has faced since the divorce. She admitted, “We have this big division in our family. I don’t want to cry, but…our kids split. And Spencer lives with me and Eddie for the past four years, and Sidney is off at college and, you know, I think it was a real, big eye opener to both of us, and I think that it was a time that we realized we gotta keep it together.”

Daughter Sidney spoke out at length against her mother a few years ago when Tamra posted a picture of her high school graduation on social media. Sidney claimed she had asked her mother not to post any photos and she went on to give a detailed social media accounting of what she considered Tamra’s poor parenting over the years. Tamra did not share any updates on her relationship with Sidney this time. Thank God! Maybe Tamra has actually learned something from her past mistakes.

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Making sure that daughter Sophia is supported appears to be a priority for Tamra. She explains, “Sophia is almost 14 now and, you know, it’s a hard year for her. I mean, being 14 for a girl is really difficult and we just want to make sure that it’s the most positive thing that she can ever experience, and knowing our mistakes in the past, we just want to make it good for her and make it better for our future with our kids.”

Let’s hope for everyone’s sakes–especially the children’s–that Tamra and Simon have finally put their feud to rest. You have to wonder, however, should Tamra really be talking about all this in the media? Hasn’t that been a problem for the family in the past? Oh well, I guess Tamra knows best!

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