90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Series Premiere Recap: All In The Name Of Love

On the series premiere of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, we met four of the six Americans who will be moving out of the country for love. The show definitely has an interesting twist considering its premise is the opposite of the original series. Don’t worry; although they won’t be America, the cast still has the same amount of crazy we have come to love. This has disaster written all over it and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will uprooting pay off? Or will they be running home brokenhearted? Buckle up folks. This shit show is just getting started.

Jenny, a divorced grandmother is pursuing love in India. Originally, she thought she was talking to an English hottie, named Michael Jones. Only to find out she was being catfished by her future love, Summit. Ummm…. Someone make it make sense! You always see people like this on Dr. Phil, but never up close and personal. This man pursues you as someone else and when he reveals himself, you not only continue to date him, but decide to leave the country?????? Okay, this show definitely has promise. I can already see the cray unfolding. Jenny is emotional retrieving her visa from the mail. I hope her dream comes true, I really do.  But the realist in me screams… your bank account will be empty before you can finish your butter chicken. Ma’am, you are too old, to be this naive. SMH…

Jenny, 60 (Palm Springs, California) & Sumit, 30 (India)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season Premiere Recap: All In The Name Of Love 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season Premiere Recap: All In The Name Of Love

Jenny meets with her financial adviser to see if she has enough to survive in India. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much in savings to last more than a year. If her fiancé expects her to fund his lifestyle, he is in for a BIG surprise. The financial planner reveals that she will not be eligible for social security if she becomes a citizen of another country. Jenny is shocked that the US isn’t going to pay her to live in another country. I don’t see this ending well.

Well, we finally find out how Michael Jones was born. Apparently, Sumit works in a call center in India and they have to use Americanized names. He was given the name Michael when he started the job. Summit meets with his friends and surprises them with the news that he is getting married to his geriatric beauty. Summit’s parents won’t accept Jenny. So, he will be breaking tradition marrying her and leaving the family home. He seems very surprised by the potential issues his friends bring to his attention. I don’t think he ever thought about Jenny possibly not liking India and wanting to go back home. One thing I can say is he does seem to truly care about her. Or he has a great future as an actor. You seem nice, but I am watching you Summit…

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Jenny meets with her friends at a bar and reveals that she is planning to move to India to marry Sumit. They are not happy, to say the least. They don’t understand how she could seriously date someone half her age. Of course, they question his motives for wanting to marry someone who can no longer have children. Hell, I am questioning it as well. This has scam written all over it. But he surprised me with the waterworks, so I am on the fence.

Tiffany, 27 (Frederick, Maryland) & Ronald, 29 (South Africa)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season Premiere Recap: All In The Name Of Love

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season Premiere Recap: All In The Name Of Love

Tiffany, a single mother with a son, is throwing caution to the wind to be with her fiancé in South Africa. While on a trip to South Africa with a friend, Tiffany met and had a whirlwind romance with Ronald. She returned six months later and Ronald proposed. Tiffany has yet to tell her mother that she is engaged.

Tiffany meets with her mom and sister for her final dress fitting. She is nervous to reveal her big secret to her family. Her mother is upset that she will not be able to attend the wedding. She also hasn’t met the man who will be marrying her daughter. Oh, little does she know! Tiffany neglected to tell her mom about Ronald’s past gambling addiction and criminal record. Things got so bad tht he robbed his own mother of anything that he could sell. Wow… are you sure he didn’t have another kind of addiction as well? Ronald relapsed and entered a rehab program. Yea Tiffany, girl… this is not going to end well. Do you really want to sign up for this with someone you barely know, especially since you have a  son?

Tiffany finally reveals Ronald’s past to her mother and sister.  You can see her mother seething with worry from her daughter’s confession. On top of her confession, she discloses that she more than likely will have to move to South Africa because of his record. So much for a light lunch.

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Tiffany meets with a lawyer to discuss her options given Ronald’s criminal record. It seems like she doesn’t know the full story herself. I don’t know how you could bring your child around a man who you still don’t know everything about, especially with a record. Love only goes so far.

Corey, 31 (Mill A, Washington) & Evelin, 26 (Ecuador)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season Premiere Recap: All In The Name Of Love

Corey, a Mormon who grew up on his family compound, is giving up everything for his love, Evelin in Ecuador. Hmm… Culture shock in…

Evelin has been in Washington for the past six months, but her time in the US is coming to an end. After meeting on a beautiful beach in Ecuador, she took him to her hometown which was very different. Evelin is currently living high on the hog thanks to her fiancé who is funding her and her family’s new lifestyle. This includes property investments, a car, and a cocktail bar for a whopping total of $40,000. Wow… talk about a come up! She claims not to be a gold digger, but I am not sure I believe that. I will just reserve judgment until I observe their relationship more.

It’s crazy how traditional Evelin seems to be when it comes to the husband providing for her. Yet, she is very unwilling to have children or convert to Corey’s religion. Corey wants to have children, but it doesn’t seem to be in his future with Evelin. It seems like he is giving up a lot for someone who isn’t willing to give up anything. Aww… Corey, you are too nice. I hate to see you potentially get your heart broken. Corey still hasn’t revealed to his parents that he plans to permanently move to Ecuador out of fear that they won’t accept his decision.

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Today is Evelin’s last day in the United States. Evelin is definitely using Corey. On the way to the airport, she barks at him about what he needs to do to be with her. She also reveals that she didn’t like when he was there before because she had to translate everything. She also demands he give her money for her trip, which he does happily. If she was smart she would just stay in the US. If her main concern is being taken care of, how does she expect him to do that in a foreign country? He literally doesn’t speak Spanish and there is no way he could make the type of money there as he could in the US. Hopefully she truly invested the money he gave her in those businesses and didn’t just spend the money.

Paul, 35 (Louisville, Kentucky) & Karine, 22 (Brazil)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season Premiere Recap: All In The Name Of Love

Oh boy, Paul is back and still just as weird. He is currently working on a farm trying to save money for his wife and baby. If you remember, Paul and Karine were first featured on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. They are now married  with a baby on the way, despite their complicated past. Karine almost divorced him after he traveled to the Amazon to get on her last nerve. What we know about Paul is that he has a criminal history, is deathly afraid of mosquitoes and is probably the weirdest person who has ever been on this franchise.  Currently the couple is separate because Paul can’t afford Karine’s visa to America. His mother is unwilling to become a co-sponsor for her daughter in law. So he is working to save up enough money, to move to Brazil himself.

Paul is at home packing more neurotic and paranoid items to bring to Brazil. This time he actually found a bullet proof carrier to protect the baby. Who even thinks about something like that? WTH… Upon arriving to the airport, Paul goes into a rage to find out he can’t bring all of his bags. He cancels his ticket and yells about having no support to his mother. Ugh… there is something very wrong with this man. I don’t know how Karine or anyone else could stand to be bothered with him. I’m sure his mother is secretly dying inside now that he has to stay an additional month before he can go to Brazil.


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