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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Ashley Darby Is A Mom!

Ashley Darby’s marriage to Michael Darby has not always been an easy one.  They have clashed over Ashley’s financial support of her mother, whether to have children, and their restaurant, Oz.  RIP, Oz.  I’m pretty sure I remember that Oz had kangaroo meat on the menu at one point.  So, its closing isn’t exactly shocking.  Know your intended clientele, Ash.

Viewers have watched Ashley and Michael struggle to communicate.  At one point, Ashley expressed that their 29-year age gap may have contributed to their communication issues.  Ashley and Michael seemed to have worked through some of their communication issues at least long enough for Ashley to get knocked up.  After suffering a miscarriage last year, Ashley and Michael announced earlier this summer that they were expecting a baby boy.

Now, according to Ashley’s most recent Instagram post, baby boy Darby has arrived!   The Instagram post did not provide a name or a picture of the baby’s face.  I’m assuming because some publication has the exclusive rights to the baby’s first picture and his name.  Does anyone care enough about this baby enough to pay for exclusive rights?  I mean, other than me, obvi.

At least now we can finally be done with the tiresome storyline of Candiace Dillard questioning Ashley and Michael’s desire to have a baby.  At least in real time.  Because the show was recorded months ago, I presume the show will still highlight Candiace’s intrusive and incessant opinions on the Darby’s personal and private marital decisions.

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Apparently, Candiace is the super-sleuth of Ashely’s uterus and spends all her free time (which seems to be copious, does she actually have a real job?) analyzing the state of said uterus.

According to CandiaceAshley did not really want to get pregnant because Ashley continued to drink while trying to conceive.  The be fair, Ashley’s consuption was a little confusing.  After all, Ashley did announce her intention NOT to drink so she could get pregnant.

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But also to be fair, I’d have to drink to be around Candiace, too.  According to Candiace, Ashley and Michael cannot possibly want to bring a child intro their “sham façade of a marriage.”

Maybe Candiace  is jealous because her marriage seems to be based off of flinging insults at her husband and spending her mother’s money?   In any event, the Candiace/Ashley feud gave the world the phrase “nuisance rodent,” which we all needed.

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Congrats Ashley, Michael, and baby-name-to-be-announced!


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