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Candiace Dillard is grasping for a storyline on the Real Housewives of Potomac.  When she was first introduced on Season 3, it was all about navigating through the group and making friendships.  Then Candiace went into Bridezilla mode battling it out with her mother.  Now that she is happily married to Chris Bassett, it seems Candiace is fixated on Ashley Darby’s journey to motherhood.

Candiace questions Ashley’s intentions at every opportunity.  Gizelle Bryant finally called her out on it and revealed to Ashley what was being said.  Strangely enough, Candiace never questioned Gizelle’s intentions behind that ill-timed public announcement.  Even more confusing is why Candiace continues to confide in Gizelle.

In her Bravo blog, Candiace responded to Gizelle’s advice that she give Ashley the benefit of the doubt.  She wrote, “I DO believe Ashley desires to have a baby.  My argument has not changed, though: 1. her actions don’t match her claimed intentions and 2. her husband’s disrespect of their marriage- allegedly claiming to want to be with other people in a sexual manner- doesn’t lend itself to a breeding ground of procreation.”

Candiace indicates that it is Michael’s words at the family party that fuel her disbelief.  She wrote, “maybe Gizelle knows something I don’t.  And if that were the case, I would stand corrected.  Michael’s words inform much of my skepticism.  It all just looks and feels wrong.”

Ashley made a speech at Monique Samuels’ Rainbow Party in which she spoke about losing her pregnancy.  Candiace, once again, questioned Ashley’s authenticity.  She opined, “my skepticism of Ashley at the Rainbow Party had nothing to do with her miscarriage.  I didn’t see Michael [Darby] crying or hear their conversation at the table until everyone else did during the episode.  That said, I maintain that I GENERALLY question the way Ashley communicates.”

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Clearly, that’s true.  But what is the actual issue here?  Candiace concluded, “I felt and still feel she was emotionless in her speech and it doesn’t sit well with me.  Does everyone grieve differently?  Absolutely.  I am saying that for me, it just didn’t translate well.  I can sympathize with her tragedy and be unsure of her reaction to it.  Those are mutually exclusive pieces.”

Hopefully, one recurring mistake can be avoided.  Candiace revealed that she will be more careful in the future about revealing information to Gizelle.  In this case, regarding the “Amistad” comment Monique made about Katie Rost.

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Candiace reflected, “I DO regret sharing it with Gizelle.  I should have known that because of her general dislike for Monique (and just because it’s Gizelle), she was going to take it to the next plateau and make it a bigger deal out of it than was necessary.  To say Monique was comparing Katie to a slave is just overkill.”

Candiace explained her reaction to the comment, “I think I laughed because what Monique said was so ridiculously inappropriate and unnecessary, all I could do was laugh.  I don’t regret laughing as much as I regret telling Gizelle.  I knew Monique’s intentions weren’t to be nasty toward Katie.”

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Lesson learned.  Gizelle should focus on what she does best; taking jabs at Karen HugerCandiace maybe needs to work on fixing some issues at home.


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