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Phaedra Parks Says Reality Shows Are Made Up For TV Drama; “Hasn’t Ruled Out” A Return To Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks, formerly of the Real Housewives of Atlanta ,had her peach ripped from her acrylic-tipped claws when she spread a terrible rumor about Kandi BurrussUgh, Phaedra is literally the worst.

Even through she is pretty much a monster, there have been plenty of rumors floating around that Phaedra is going to make a return to the Real Housewives of AtlantaNot if Kandi has anything to say about it!  And I’m sure Kandi has plenty to say about it, seeing as she is the only cast member franchise-wide who has any actual talent.  I mean, not to discount Luann de Lesseps’ vocal stylings …

Apparently, Phaedra doesn’t want a peach, anyway!  In an interview with Daily Mail, she had nothing but disdain for Bravo.  She claims the network manipulated her for a storyline.  Hmmmmmm…. Now where have we heard that before?  Oh yeah!  Every reality star who has ever made questionable choices on TV!  Girl, we know the networks embellish stories for the drama, but you said what you said and you did what you did.

Phaedra told Daily Mail that she was the subject of many lies and false storylines, all designed to make good TV.    She claims that “[the producers] completely made up one story that I was dating an African prince the day Apollo [Nida] went to prison… I mean, it was the most ludicrous, crazy thing in the world.”

That’s the most ludicrous, crazy thing in the world?  Really, Phaedra?  Because I think this might be a good time to remind you, again, that you made up an entire story about Kandi’s plans to drug and rape other women.  Then told the your fellow cast-members AND the viewing audience that story.  And pretended it was true, and that you had heard it from somewhere else.

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So, you might want to rethink your stance on the whole “Phaedra might be having an affair” storyline as being the most ludicrous, crazy thing in the world.  Just a tip.    

Phaedra does recognize that the “essence of reality TV” is to drum up drama and make juicy storylines.  She went on to explain that she “had a fight with someone almost every day for eight years of filming because she’s a confrontational bitch that’s the ‘nature’ of a reality show.”

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According to Phaedra, she doesn’t really have time for RHOA, anyway.  We can’t fire her, she quits!  Y’all remember, she is a successful lawyer AND a mortician.  As she explained to Daily Mail, she is a “genius” at mortuary work.  She has partnered with mortuaries in Atlanta and New Orleans.  However, summer is “the slow season” in the mortuary biz.

Wait, what? There is a “slow season” for death?  Like, how no one goes to the Caribbean during hurricane season?  No one dies when its too hot?  I’m no mortuary “genius,” but that doesn’t seem right.  Maybe she does need the RHOA paycheck, after all!

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