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Kandi Burruss Says She “Won’t Be A Part” Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta If Phaedra Parks Returns

WHAT A MOMENT. The Season 9 reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has us shook even two years later. The reveal that Phaedra Parks was the shocking source was such a blindside to Kandi Burruss. She was the one who told Porsha Williams that Kandi wanted to drug and rape her. That’s such a massively bold thing to say about anyone.

To this day, the two have not spoken or attempted to repair their friendship. Honestly, given the nature of what went down, it likely will never happen. Surprisingly Nene Leakes seems to want Ms. Parks back for another season. Ulterior motives perhaps? Things could get uncomfortable fast if both Kandi and Phaedra are on the same season. However, maybe Kandi won’t be around much longer?

Kandi sat down with People and discussed the possibility of Phaedra returning to the show. SPOILER: She’s just not that into her.

When asked if she was okay with Phaedra back for a potential return Kandi said, “No. You know, for me it’s like if that’s what they wanna do I’m fine, I’m cool but I just won’t be a part of that.”

It is a little disappointing Phaedra won’t ever get the chance to make up with Kandi like Porsha. There is kind of a double standard existing that Porsha kept the peach and Phaedra was exiled.

We also would love to see how Phaedra is with the newer Atlanta housewives. Although, is it worth losing Kandi to gain back the southern belle? We volunteer Shamari DeVoe as tribute.

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Kandi has expressed many times the damage Phaedra’s lie could have caused her brand. She touches on this in the interview saying, “Especially in this whole cancel culture we have right now, everybody wants to get canceled for everything. So if somebody is like drugging people and doing this. we’re canceling them, we want them arrested, we want action taken.”

I don’t think many people believed Kandi would ever do that, but it’s understandable the anger she has about the situation. WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO TAKE THINGS TOO FAR?

Kandi told the interviewers, “Do we ever think about that person if that person’s innocent and a person lied on them, what happens to that person? They just get to walk away and nothing happens? It’s just like okay like get back to work as usual?

She has a point there. It’s a little ReDICKulous! In a perfect world, they would be friends again, but this isn’t Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, it’s RHOA.

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Kandi doesn’t seem to have any hesitations about possibly leaving the franchise either. “I mean I don’t have a problem with her being a part of the thing. I’m just saying I don’t us to have to deal with each other. That’s all. I will take my break and let her do it if that’s what it is. It’s no big deal.”

Collect that coin and move on if that’s what you have to do. Nobody will judge you, but take all the boring newbies with you on your way out.

She briefly touched on Nene surprising Andy Cohen with Phaedra at his baby shower. She told People, “I didn’t really care. For me I kinda like expect that from Nene. She’s kind of, in my mind kinda tit for tat, so okay well you brought Kenya to this party. I’m gonna bring Phaedra to this party and it’s like okay. Yeah, I don’t really care. I don’t care. It’s like do you. Do what you gotta do.”

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Kandi seems over the show at this point, and who can blame her? On the other hand, why run away from your problems? Surely she could face it head-on.


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