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Someone Hacked Shep Rose’s Instagram & Asked Fans To Send Money

Reality TV stars face financial hardships all the time. At this point, it’s a rite of passage. That and vagueness surrounding the sources of their income, aside from the show that is. For the most part, it is so unclear how most of the Southern Charm cast members fund their lifestyles. Again, other than being on the show. Yeah, a lot of them have family money, but isn’t it going to run out at some point?

When Shep Rose posted on his Instagram Story asking fans to send him money, I’m not gonna lie, my mind went to the worst-case scenario. Did he make some bad investments? Did he lose access to his family trust fund? It turns out that he was (probably) hacked. Or at least that’s what Craig Conover suspects.

In an Instagram Story, Shep (supposedly) wrote, “Guys my phone is at home, Please stop calling me.” Then how is someone posting on Instagram if there isn’t a phone to write these Instagram posts?

Shep Rose Hacked

The next Instagram Story said “Having a bad day, bank account is on hold… No funds and I am stuck in California!” If Shep is the one who posted this, wouldn’t he have a credit card in his wallet? Or the ability to borrow money from whoever he is hanging out in LA with? Couldn’t he go to a bank branch with his license or some other proof of identity and take out some cash?

Shep Rose Hacked

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And then the posts got weird. The following Instagram Story said “If anyone can lend me $500 I am willing to pay back $1500 Saturday… I am in California stuck my bank is on hold and I have no gas or anything… Anyone that can help please message me I have Cash app & Zelle…” Please, no one send him money.

Shep Rose Hacked

Apparently “Shep” got ghosted on the money transfer. In another Instagram Story, someone wrote “Thought my fans would be supporters… See most are here to for the show not to help, That’s why I haven’t done much for the community. The ones who helped will always be rewarded! Free merch and $2000 Next friday.” If you weren’t already convinced that Shep got hacked, the grammar in these posts is atrocious. There’s no way that Shep would have ever written these sloppy sentences.

Shep Rose Hacked

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Craig posted to his Instagram Story too. He wrote,  “Please whatever you do do not send Shep any money. He clearly is not in control of his phone.” Clearly. But, who is?

Shep Rose Hacked

How did someone get a hold of Shep’s phone? Are they about to drop some Shep Rose nudes or an Austen Kroll-inspired post-threesome argument video? Let’s hope not.

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