Emily Simpson Says Gina Kirschenheiter Gave Tamra Judge Text Screenshots From Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Conversations With Lizzie Rovsek & Gretchen Rossi

As much as Tamra Judge is trying her hardest to remove Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rovsek from relevancy, she ironically gives them even more shine with her antics. A couple of episodes ago, Tamra flipped out at Braunwyn Windham-Burke for texting Lizzie and Gretchen, who are good friends with Emily Simpson.

It seemed like Emily was the one who gave Tamra the screenshots since she mentioned that she had them during one of her confessional interviews, but she actually didn’t. In an effort to be accepted by the cool girls, Gina Kirschenheiter handed the texts over to Tamra. This is not-at-all surprising since Gina is so excited to finally be accepted by Tamra and Shannon Beador. Goodbye, Emily, Gina has officially crossed over to the other side. Meanwhile, Braunwyn is trying her best to be accepted even though Tamra and Shannon made her cry on that tour bus.

Emily dished on the drama during an interview with toofab. Emily began, “First of all, I never gave Tamra those text messages. It wasn’t me.

Then, she revealed, “I discussed it with Gina off camera and I showed the text messages to Gina. I never gave them to Tamra. I never gave them to Shannon or brought them up on camera. Gina is the one that gave them to Tamra.” Enjoy this time period, Gina. Today, you’re in with Tamra. Next episode, Next season, Tamra will stir the pot about you.

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Emily recalled, “When I went to L.A. that day, I had no idea that they were gonna confront Braunwyn.” She also shared, “I didn’t know Tamra had seen them, I didn’t know she had them, I didn’t know she had read them. I knew nothing about it, at all. Zero.”

Even so, Emily is (weirdly) not upset that Gina showed Tamra the texts. Emily said, “Um, no, because I guess I never told her not to, I just didn’t expect it to be that big of a deal.”

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Emily explained, “The only reason I showed her in the first place is because she was telling me what had happened after I left Tamra’s housewarming party, and she was saying Braunwyn told everybody she had lunch with Gretchen, but then they forgave her because she said that Gretchen was the one that reached out to her and Lizzie reached out to her, and then everybody made fun of Gretchen and Lizzie and called them thirsty and all that kind of stuff.”

Honestly, Lizzie doesn’t seem thirsty. Gretchen, on the other hand, hired a glam squad for the birth of her first child and documented most of it on social media.

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Emily shared, “And Lizzie and I are super close. She’s one of my best friends. So when I heard that, I felt the need to stand up for Lizzie ’cause I was like, ‘No, no, no, no, no, that’s not what happened. Lemme tell you what happened.'” She had no defense for Gretchen hahahaha.

Back to the show, Emily said, “And then it became an issue on screen that I was unaware of.” Emily continued, “And I think everyone led Braunwyn to believe that I was the one that showed Tamra those screenshots, and that was not me. I’ll take the fall for stuff I do, but I’m not gonna take the fall for stuff I didn’t do.”

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Well, yeah, of course, TamRat led Braunwyn to believe that Emily was behind that drama. It’s what she does. Tamra is a premium pot-stirrer.


[Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Bravo]