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Emily Simpson’s Husband Shane Simpson Did Not Pass The Bar Exam

It is straight-up painful watching Emily Simpson navigate her home life on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. Her husband Shane Simpson has been absent studying for the bar exam. He even ditched the dinner that Emily threw for his parents’ birthday. My heart breaks for Emily every Tuesday night.

He shot down Emily’s attempts to revive their relationship with a “sexy” dance in Las Vegas. Instead, it seems like she’s just going to perform that dance she learned for Shane in front of her RHOC costars. Was it all worth it now that Shane can finally practice as a lawyer?  Not so fast.

RadarOnline reported that Shane failed the California Bar exam in February. And I checked this out myself on the State Bar of California’s Attorney Search. I typed in “Shane Simpson” because duh. Nothing came up. The search prompted me to try other options like typing in his first initial with his last name. Again, nothing came up that indicated Shane passed.

For reference, I tried the same thing for Emily’s name and the results indicated that she passed in 2005. Way to go, Emily. She’s a party planner, a lawyer, and a great mom. And then there’s Shane…

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As of this moment, neither Shane nor Emily has commented on this news. Maybe they’re both embarrassed, which he should be, especially after his behavior on the show. Or perhaps they’re trying to keep this storyline under wraps until the reunion taping.

Nevertheless, Us Weekly reported a source said that he took the exam again this summer and he’s waiting for those results.

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Wow. Maybe if he had a little work/life balance (i.e. spent a minute with his wife or any of his children) he would have had a clear head while taking the exam. Maybe he should have accepted Emily’s offers for help and guidance.

I’m just over here shaking my head and wondering what the mood is like in the Simpson household. Shane mistreated Emily, neglected his family, and embarrassed himself on national television. And now, he pretty much has nothing to show for it.

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