Bethenny Frankel Has $2 Million Malpractice Suit Against Her Ex-Lawyer

There have been some awful exes in Real Housewives history. Who could ever forget Brooks Ayers and his cancer scam? What about Jim Edmonds and that sexting scandal? Then, there’s Jason Hoppy, whose divorce from Bethenny Frankel has gone on forever and ever.

Is it ever surprising to hear something shady about Jason and Bethenny’s finances? Nope. Now, Bethenny is suing her former lawyer for letting Jason pull one over on her.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Bethenny has filed a $2 million malpractice lawsuit against her former attorney Jamie Andrew Schreck. I wonder if this guy has any relation to Teresa Giudice’s alleged boyfriend Blake Schreck.

He has until December 6 to be deposed, but this drama has been going on since 2016. Bethenny thinks the lawyer improperly drafted trust documents, which allowed Jason to get more than he should have in the divorce settlement. Even though they are somehow still married.

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When the deposition goes down, Bethenny will be able to grill the lawyer about the trust. Just imagine Bethenny in the courtroom. She’s going to eviscerate this guy and with good reason.

Here’s what happened: Bethenny bought a $5 million condo in 2011. Jason had her put the condo in a trust even though she just wanted to put the property in her name.

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The trust documents allowed Jason to share 50%  of the property. Oh, and he got to live there without paying any rent. Bethenny blames the lawyer’s negligence for allowing this to happen.

But, wait. It gets even sketchier. Jason’s mother was the notary of the trust. How is that fair? She’s not even a legal notary in New York and her license was expired. Bethenny supposedly never saw the trust documents. The whole thing is just a mess and Jason just keeps getting shadier.

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She believes the trust should be invalid. Meanwhile, the lawyer denies all of the claims against him and he wants the suit dismissed. He blames Bethenny for causing all of this drama. I blame Jason. As always.


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]