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Is Bethenny Frankel Engaged? Fans Are Curious About Her Diamond Ring

Is Bethenny Frankel engaged to Paul Bernon? That’s what some of her Instagram followers think. And by “some,” I mean “a lot” of her Instagram followers. A few days ago she posted a photo with her daughter Bryn Hoppy, with Bryn’s face covered, of course. Side note, I wouldn’t be able to recognize Bryn if my life depended on it. Props to Bethenny for giving her daughter some semblance of a private life.

Anyway, Bethenny has her hands in Bryn’s hair and it’s such a sweet moment, but there’s one, super shiny, distracting element: a diamond ring. Is it the old ring from when she was “engaged” to Dennis Shields? That whole engaged/not engaged/dating/not dating narrative for her convenience situation still confuses me. I would love to see a clear timeline of Bethenny’s relationships with Paul and Dennis. But, seriously though, is she engaged? Her followers think so.

Bethenny posted the photo in honor of Daughter’s Day. In the caption she wrote, “The best part of my day is when my Peanut comes home from school & it’s mommy & me time. Today is #NationalDaughtersDay, but I am grateful for her every single moment!” Very sweet. A good amount of her followers commented on the sweet caption and photo.

However, the comments just rolled in about that ring. One Instagram user asked Bethenny, “But can we talk about that bling on THAT finger???” Seriously though, can we? Then again, she has more than enough Skinnygirl money to buy her own ring. Maybe it’s just a gift to Bethenny from Bethenny. Side note, I can absolutely see her buying her own engagement ring and I wouldn’t be surprised if she did that with Bryn’s father back in the day. Yes, I’m refusing to mention his actual name.

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A different Instagram user told Bethenny, “That’s a pretty ring on your left hand.” It is, but it would be better if diamonds came in Skinnygirl red, am I right? No, obviously, I’m not.

One of her fans asked, “Are you engaged? Omg.” Come on, Bethenny. You have to see all of these comments. Please respond to at least one. We are all curious.

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Someone else commented, “That’s sweet. But wait, is that an ENGAGEMENT RING?” IS IT, THOUGH? Another person shared similar sentiments, writing, “Beautiful ring, but is that an engagement ring I spy?” Again, IS IT!?

One person simply commented, “Engagement ringgggg.”

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This could (partly) explain Bethenny’s departure from Real Housewives of New York. Paul has never appeared on camera and it doesn’t seem like he has any interest in doing so. If she was engaged, that would be a pretty major thing to exclude from the show. Just saying.

Even if Bethenny isn’t engaged, Sonja Morgan thinks she will be soon. Out of all the RHONY ladies, Sonja predicted that Bethenny would be the next one to get married, because, yes, none of the New York Housewives are actually wives. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

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