Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Faux Weddings And A Funeral

Ever since she was booted from Real Housewives of New York, original cast member Jill Zarin has been desperately trying to get her full-time apple back. Jill has popped up here and there in episodes since she was let go after Season 4. She famously feuded with both Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer on the show. It seems like Jill’s bad blood with Ramona is still going on.

Jill even permitted RHONY cameras to film outside of her beloved husband, Bobby Zarin’s, funeral. In that moment of intense grief, Bethenny and Jill reunited and hugged. Still, many viewers were critical of Jill’s decision.

Jill has been very vocal about wanting to be a Housewife again, and she has certainly kept her name in the news. Jill commented on Bethenny’s decision to depart the series and tattled that Bethenny is only friends with her RHONY co-stars for filming purposes.

The series alum even invited the New York Housewives to her birthday party, planning for it to be filmed. None of Jill’s former co-stars wanted to attend. Yikes!

Ramona’s ex-husband, Mario Singer, appeared in several episodes of the show this past season. Although they were a bit flirty, Ramona maintained that she and Mario are just friends. In 2014, Ramona filed for divorce after she caught Mario cheating.

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People is reporting that Jill resurrected an old rumor about Mario on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live. And it is a stunner. Jill discussed an argument that she had with Mario in June of 2011 that Jill says turned physical.

“I thought about calling the police. He literally put his hands on me and pushed me!” Jill stated. “He was abusive. I think he had a very bad temper, I’ve seen it!”

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The alleged incident occurred at a party in the Hamptons while Season 4 was airing. “Mario comes over to me and he puts his hands on me and he pushes me and goes, ‘I don’t like the way you talk about Ramona,’ He came over to me in an aggressive way,” Jill reported. “He probably had something to drink.”

Jill reacted by calling out for her husband, Bobby. “And I go, ‘Mario just pushed me.’ And he goes, ‘So what do you want me to do about it?’” Jill recalled. “I assume he said something ’cause Mario left me alone after that.” I’m sorry, but I cannot imagine any scenario where Jill wouldn’t immediately call the police if Mario put his hands on her.

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Jill does claim to have some proof to back up her version of the incident. The RHONY alum insisted that some “really important” producers from the Oprah show were witnesses. Jill stated, “They all witnessed it. They were there.”

Oh, but Jill wasn’t done dredging up the past. While Jill doesn’t know if Mario was ever physically abusive to Ramona during their marriage, she reportedly does know some information about their union. “I don’t know if he’s ever did anything with Ramona, but I know he was definitely verbally abusive,” Jill said.

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“This is ridiculous. Mario was not abusive,” a rep for the Singers told People. “He and Ramona have a great relationship right now. And Jill and Ramona are friends now,” the rep added. “Anything that happened was all in the past.”

What is puzzling is that Ramona and Jill spent time together over Labor Day weekend  with their daughters. Still, I am sure that Ramona is riding a “Ramona-coaster” of anger after Jill’s recent interview. Since it looks like Jill has found happiness with a new man since Bobby’s death, maybe it is time to graciously step away from the show.  But something tells me that Jill isn’t going to give up this fight ever anytime soon.


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