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Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Cuffs Are Off

I. Am. Dead. We are only onto the second episode of Temptation Island and already the show is next level. If the rest of the season keeps up at this pace I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. For those who saw the episode already, you know exactly what I am freaking out about. And if you haven’t seen this episode yet, stop what you are doing and immediately find it on your DVR, streaming or on demand. This is truly must see TV.

We’ll get to the major bomb that dropped in a bit. But first, let’s start at the beginning. The couples say their goodbyes to one another, or rather lack there of. All of the women are crying as the men sheepishly walk out and head back to their villa where a bevy of single women await them. Everyone is pretty much regretting their decision to be on this show, but there’s no turning back now.

Ashley Goldson sniffled and gave a self-fulfilling prophecy, “The minute [Rick Fleur] does something I know that I’m going to over-react. And I’m going to get out of character and that’s going to push him more away…it’s not like they just have a house full of women, we have a houseful of men too.”

The single men show up at the girls villa ready to party, but the mood is down. Esonica Veira had a heart to heart with Kareem Thomas. Kate Griffith and Ashley Howland could barely keep their tears from dripping down into their vodka sodas. Chin up ladies, you have a long road ahead of you. Ashley G. was the only one who rallied with some dancing and shots.

Meanwhile, the single ladies discussed how they should greet the guys when they arrive. Medinah Ali offered the classic, “Honey, I’m home!” Kari Nesheim said they should welcome them with shots. Colleen Powers retorted, “Did they come from war? Why are we welcoming them?” The war has just begun!

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The next day, the games begin. All the singles line up to get chosen for a first date. David Benavidez is shocked to see Kate there as he was under the impression he didn’t have to see her for the next month. That doesn’t bode well for Kate. 

None of the choices made were too surprising. Kate picked Dominique Price, Ashley G. went for KB Brown, Ashely H. picked Deac Conti, and Esonica went with Kareem. David picked Kari, Rick went with Medinah, Casey Starchak picked Payton Burgess, and Gavin Rocker went with Toneata Morgan.

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Cuffs Are Off

Mark L. Walberg then stirred the pot and asked the couples what they thought about each others choices. David said that he picked Kari because he didn’t have a connection with her, but then admitted in his confessional he only said that so he wouldn’t upset Kate. Doesn’t he know she is going to be shown footage at the bonfire of him admitting he lied? He’s either trying to get her to break up with him, or he is totally clueless.

Ashley H. feared Payton is exactly the type of girl Casey would leave her for, a more confident version of herself. She was also upset that Casey wasn’t jealous of her going on a date. Personally, I think Casey is too self involved to care.

Rick played it cool about Ashley G.’s choice and said KB had a nice smile. But then he stepped in it when he said, “I’m not handcuffing her.” Ashley was pissed! Insinuating they were single was not what she wanted to hear from him. 

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Later at the guys villa, Kari and David connected even though they agree they are exact opposites. For example, she’s impulsive and likes cliff diving, while David doesn’t want to partake in any activities where one could possibly die. I’m team David on this one.

It also happened to be Casey’s birthday, so shots and twerking took over the evening. Payton made sure to get the most time of all the girls twerking on Casey’s lap. And Casey let his inner douche flag fly when he took off his shirt and flexed his muscles for all to see. Blech.

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Cuffs Are Off

At the girls villa, Ashley H. vented to Ben Knobloch. She shared that Casey didn’t tell her until several months into dating that he had slept with most of the women he is friends with. I have to agree with her, that was not cool. He should have been upfront about it.

Ashley G. asked KB what his shoe size was. Is that still a thing? For the record, he said it’s a size 13. Things stayed light and flirty between them. Then the sun went down and all hell broke loose. 

Ashley G. told KB that she wanted to keep things “PG” but his eyes were saying “rated R.” KB then asked her how much did she want to “feel guilty about” and Ashley replied that the “handcuffs are off.” Then she led KB into the bedroom! WTF.

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The funniest part though was Chris Grant and Jose Rodriguez off to the side commenting on the action like Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets. Chris said, “She’s eating it up.” Jose added, “She loves it. Loves it!”

The handcuffs were truly off because then Ashley G. hooked up with KB. This must be a Temptation Island record for a hook up on the second episode. I guess Rick’s comment about not being handcuffed must have hurt Ashley so much that she wanted to hurt him back. If so, her solution was slightly extreme.

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Cuffs Are Off

Afterwards, KB and Ashley G. went into the confessional room. Ashley gave a “whoops” look and hid her face under a blanket. KB went full on Hollywood and said, “She was in a relationship. It’s over now. I’m the captain now.” Dead! Like I said before, I don’t know how this episode can be topped.

The next day everyone went on their dates. Medinah was a total try-hard with Rick. She shared that she’s so cool because she’s into non traditional relationships. Predictably, Rick asked her stance on threesomes. If Medinah only knew what Ashley G. did last night, she probably wouldn’t have pulled her “I’m down with threesomes” card to win. Rick threw in a little tidbit that Ashley put a bunch of rules onto him, but he didn’t do that to her because he wanted to see “how she acts.”  Oh boy.

Deac thanked Ashley H. for picking him. Ashley admitted she picked him because she needed to laugh and not be upset. If Deac the “comedian” can make Ashley stop crying for more than five minutes I’m all for it. Esonica doesn’t have her head in the game with Kareem. She’s upset about Gavin picking Toneata for his date because she looks so different from herself. Hey, even beauty queens get insecure. 

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Cuffs Are Off

The date between Ashley G. and KB was awkward. It was like the cat already got the mouse, so now what? Ashley wanted to focus on figuring out if KB is the right guy for her now. Slow it down girl! Ashley then mentioned to KB that Rick freed her. But as she said the words, she didn’t seem convinced.

Kate spent her date with Dominque almost bursting into tears while she talked about how she wished David would open up and that she wanted to marry him. I would have put a gun to my head, but Dominque was super sweet and was a good listener. 

Meanwhile, David is on his date with Kari and had some explaining to do. He apologized he said they didn’t have a connection and said it wasn’t true. Kari took it in stride. To be honest I think that David and Kari actually make a good couple. She has an ease and natural confidence about her that you can tell he finds refreshing. David admitted he wants a more “independent” woman. 

Toneata asked Gavin if he thought his girlfriend was “the one.” Gavin responded, “As of right now I can’t answer that question. Not with an honest yes.” Brutal. Still, I’m rooting for Gavin and Esonica to make it through. Out of all the couples, they actually seem good together. 

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Cuffs Are Off

And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the bonfire. Quick recap, the bonfire is where the girls and guys sit down with Mark to discuss how their journey is going. Mark then shows each person a quick video of what their partner has been up to in order to “provide perspective on their relationships.” What the heck is Rick going to do when he sees footage of Ashley G. hooking up with KB?

They end up saving the best drama for last and the ladies go to the bonfire first. Ashley H. was crying the minute she sat down. Get a grip! Mark then showed her a clip of the girls twerking on Casey. Ashley was completely over dramatic and acted like there was a death in the family. Mark asked her if she thought she was good enough for Casey. Pretty deep there, Mark! 

Kate was at least able to hold her tears in until the video started, so I’ll give her that. Her video clip was of David telling Kari he lied and thinks they do have a connection. Kari also told David that she felt he really opened up to her. Kate was rightfully upset because he is opening up to someone else and his lie proved he wasn’t trustworthy.

Esonica got shown a clip of Gavin telling Toneata that he’s not sure Esonica is the one and that she can be overly emotional at times. Oh hell no! You never tell a woman she’s being too emotional. Esonica couldn’t believe he was talking bad about her to another woman. 

Ashely G. gets shown a video of Medinah joking around with Rick that he’s taking her somewhere to propose. She teared up and admitted if that’s the worst clip they have of Rick then she definitely feels guilty about her actions and for what Rick will have to watch at his bonfire.

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: The Cuffs Are Off

And now it’s the guys turn. In the car ride on the way to the bonfire, David said that if Kate did something physical with another guy they are done. Rick chimed in that he didn’t think he would see much and that Ashely G. wouldn’t do anything to disrespect him. Famous last words!

Mark preps the guys that every “emotion you feel at bonfire is an answer to a question about how legit is your relationship.” Translation, get ready Rick. But, Casey goes first. He’s shown the clip of Ashley H. sharing she’s uncomfortable Casey has hooked up with his friends. Casey wasn’t a fan of her sharing that with another guy. He admitted he would like her to be more confident in their relationship, and that he is thinking about how he can do better too. It was a more thoughtful answer than what I was expecting from him.

David gets shown a clip of Dominque putting sunscreen on Kate’s shoulders, and Kate admitting she wants to marry David. David shared he felt the video was harmless and that he really just wants Kate to grow and get outside her comfort zone. Gavin then gets shown a clip of Kareem asking Esonica if she ever caught Gavin cheating on her. She didn’t confirm anything but said he can’t have his cake and eat it too. Gavin liked that Esonica didn’t dish any dirt and respected their relationship.

And then we get to Rick. Dun, dun, dun! He gets shown the clip of KB getting into bed with Ashley G. as she giggled and wondered what she got herself into.

Temptation Island

Gavin’s jaw was full on dropped to the floor the entire clip! Same, Gavin, same. Rick kept his cool and just raised an eyebrow. We’ll have to wait for next week to get his full reaction. Next week can’t come soon enough!


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